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100% Weekend - wish me luck!!!


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After an indulgent holiday and a pretty lax few weeks prior to that, I'm going for it 100%.
I'm doing all the challenges possible, superspeed, superfree, only snacking on superfree and not going above 10 syns.
I managed it yesterday and I'm all set for doing it today but the weekends gonna be tough as I usually get my "relaxed target" head on.

I'm well up for it, really want to lose 2lbs this week so need to be a very good girl!;)

Do you all manage it 100% over the weekend?
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I normally have one 'slack' day but im really going to give it a shot this weekend. Heading to parents house for dinner saturday but im determined to be good!


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I am going to try my hardest to be 100% this weekend (first time ever). i really need to see my figures going down.


Trying again!!!
I think I have had one 100% weekend since I started on SW! It can be done though and your are sounding determined Jay so go for it!! Good luck and have a great weekend xx


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Havent had a 100% saturday night yet, might have a little chinese saturday night, im doing the charity walk tomorrow so i deserve it :p:D


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After my WI on a Friday (I lost 1lb this week) I always go into the weekend full of good intentions - so far I have manged to stick with them, and hopefully this weekend will be a good one too, but........you never know what is around the corner!!!! LOL...
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Good luck Jay! You're a stronger woman than me. I am aiming for 100% on plan but not worrying too much about excessive speed foods. I am planning 10 syns a day too all week, but allowing 15 for the weekend. But yeah, am having a totally on plan weekend!


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Argh! OH has just called, he wants to go out for tea (his treat) and as I never look a gift horse in the mouth.....

Luckily I have only eaten superfree foods so far today (I know, such an angel) and only had one B choice, I can go EE and have steak, new pots and peas.

I must resist ALL other temptations!!!!
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Fantastic! Well done on only eating superfree all day...that's the way to go for unexpected tea out treats...winner! :D


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that happens to me every time i try to be good to make up 4 being bad! my bf always randomly wants to take me out for dinner and i can never say no :(

best of luck!


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Sounds like you are going to have a *great* weekend Jay - you have planned it, you are determined, and tonight's meal out will be a treat even if you are eating on plan - no washing up ;)


Desperate to be slim!
You'll do it... you sound so positive you're bound do!

I have got very lax for about the last 10 weeks, and have only lost 3lb in that time. I am also on a 100% week, and it's like week 1 again. I'm hoping that I'll have a week 1 loss... I know it's ambitious, but I'd love love love to lose 4lb this week, and get my 2 1/2 award.

So I am gonna really go for it 100% too... fingers crossed I'll make it too! :)


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Good luck to you all!!

Good luck to everyone trying to do 100% this weekend :clap:

Its my first weekend back on SW and I'm trying to do the same too. So far so good I met a friend for coffee this afternoon after work and managed to avoid the piece of cake we usually have. Just back from dinner with my OH and I ate the chicken and veg off my plate and left the very yummy looking mashed potatoes!

Fingers crossed for the rest of the weekend :cross:


Bring it on!
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How's it going Jaylou? Did you succumb to pressure or keep up the good work?


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Ive managed a 100% weekend so far :D ive had my dinner tonight and i have strawberrys to snack on after my bath. Pretty chuffed with myself actually as i even resisted a chinese with my family on Saturday night, I cooked a jacket potato and beans instead, but I did have a bit of my dad's plain omlette (which I allowed syns for as it was cooked in a little oil I guess).



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I DID IT!!!!!!!!
100% now since Thursday, that's 4 days and I survived the whole weekend without going off plan!
Well chuffed, just today to go and WI tomorrow.

Woo hoo!!! Well done to you all if you managed it too - it was tough!
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I haven't been 100%! I've been about 80%. I had white bread on Sunday!!! :eek:

Well done you Jay :D

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