Wish me luck tonight!


Finally...Life begins
Out on my first night out since starting CD.

My boss is leaving but as is his wife had a baby a few weeks ago its being held at their house! Thank god I couldnt bear watching them all eat in a restaurant!

So they are putting on a BBQ, and I am taking my bottle of sparkling water with me!

I overheard another boss of mine ask him why I wasn't drinking, as its soo unheard of! They think i am pregnant lol as the last time I didnt drink I was!

A select few know why but others just believe I am driving and had a prior engagment so ate before. Other than me not going, I said thats the best they can have!

I will be strong and I will not give in!!
Hi Angela

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, but I'm sure you'll stay strong. Just keep thinking about how fantastically you've done already

Hi Angela,

You can do it hun. I've sat in a pub today with old colleagues who were eating, and then went back to the office and had a shake (if i can do it anyone can)

You've done really well so far

Keep it up


You can do it. It won't be easy but you can. Last year I went to my friends hen night and survived intact.

Just keep drinking the water and think how proud you will be when you come away unscathed :)
Hi Angela

Hope you're managing ok hun, when i was out on social occasions during abstinence i used to feel amazing at how strong i could be resisting all the lovely food.

I was very open about why i couldn't eat and i loved it when people used to comment on my fabulous willpower!! It really kept me on track!!
Darling, come back and tell us all how it went. Whichever way it went. We're all here.

Ange, thinking of you hun, pls post asap and let me know how it went, I had my first night out on friday and did water all night, you can do it x