Ok here i go again 1st shake being swallowed as i type ..back on the SS wagon again for me..i really need to do it this time!!

I have even cancelled going to my works Christmas night out on Friday so that i don't eat :(

I have almost put all the weight back on that i had lost but, i will not change my tracker it will only depress me

Wish me luck!!! :( :)

Maisie x x
Good Luck Masie, you can do it!! :)
Good luck Maisie. This whole weight loss / weight gain thing really sucks doesn't it.

I'm caught on the SS/binge merry-go-round at the moment ... just 2.5 stones from goal and I seem to spend my time doing one week of SS followed by a week of pigging out.

But I know I can't allow myself to go back to morbid obesity so there it is .... we have to do whatever it takes to get to where we want.

Sending you hugs and all the positive vibes I can spare - go for it girl!!
Good luck Maisie, the fact that you have done it before is good news because it means you know that you CAN do it ! And it sounds like you want to, so that's a good recipe for success !
Good luck Maisie

Just a few days until the duvet of ketosis makes the diet a lot easier.

Good Luck Hun, we are all behind you x
Good luck Maisie - just trust the plan and it won't fail you.

Keep reminding yourself of all the reasons why you want to do this and how much it means to you (write them down and pin them on your wall if it helps!) and you'll get there.

None of us put on weight because we don't like food - which truly is one of the greatest pleasures in life (the only one in mine right now, but that's another story :rolleyes: ;) ) - but there really is a lot of truth in Mike's famous words: "Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels" :) .

Good luck to RD and Mandy too! I just wish I could wave a magic wand or something - but I know you all have that already built-in inside you... you just have to find it and give it a good ol' wave yourself :D
Good Luck Maisie,

You can do it girlie, if things get really tough, have an extra packs, tis much better than eating convential food...

Stay strong hun
All the best - you can do it, stay strong & focussed & you'll get there.
Good Luck Maisie

Just remember to be kind to yourself and that it is hard and so you need to be prepared to deal with the hard times.

When I have had failed restarts it been because I haven't considered how difficult it will be I think I get complacent that I have done it for so long. Last time because I didn't feel so good it reminded me that I needed to have strategies like the first time and managed to get through better.

Hope this is making sense!?!

Anyway good luck and look after yourself.

Dizzy x
Maisie, hun - I'm struggling too! You're not alone in this, babe!!!!!

Best of luck to you, gal and keep glugging that water!!!!
MAISIE, good luck girl, i have many false starts, to many to remember, but get your head in the right place and you can do it......... day 5 for me, this time i am doing 790, before it was always SS, so far so good....Look at your losses before you can do it again sending positive vibes to you..xx
Thank you all for your votes of confidence, :) i'm majorly struggling just now, my head and mood are not in a good place at the moment. :(

I'm still facing a lot of demons that bloody refuse to come out and show themselves to me!!! :mad: (people who have been there will know what i mean) I think its just that time of year for me if i'm honest, big anti climax really.

Still fighting!!

Maisie x x