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Wk 1 weigh in and a little disappointed!!

Well wk 1 weigh in this morning and was a little disappointed with only 4lb off, ecspecially as so many of you have had such big losses in the 1st wk.
I'm hoping it will come off this week now as some people say it can take time for your body to adjust.
Well here's to week 2 xxx
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Hi 1st of all well done on your loss , i know it might seem low considering some people have a big weightloss there 1st week . Dont be disapointed its still a loss ! Do you have coke zero or boullion ? If thats yes maybe your having to much . When i first started exante last year you werent allowed any thing other that water , meal replacements and black coffee / tea and herbel teas . people losses were amazing very high too . so this time ive decided that my first month im just sticking to orignal plan . Good luck and hope you feel better abt your loss too . Be proud :)
Hi I only bought boullion and had my 1st one today, along with coke zero, again for the 1st time today whoops best leave them out my diet then haha.
I'm hoping that my big loss is possibly going to be next week :) fingers crossed anyway!
If I loose 4lbs average a wk that's still 16lb a month,.
It's just when you see other 1st wk losses with exante total, it seems quite low.
Anyway thank you for the advice. xx


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Well done on the 4lb, anything other than a gain is a good thing, so don't be too disappointed.

Having too much boullion can cause you to retain water, because of the salt.

The Coke Zero or Dr Pepper Zero on the other hand, I can't see it making a big difference to your weight loss and if they help you stay on plan rather than being naughty. I know which one I'd choose ;)

Good luck for next week/WI and stay strong!! :D
Thanks Mrmojo, I really enjoyed drinking coke zero yesterday, so was a little bit disappointed when I thought I couldn't have it.
The boullion on the other hand was very salty and could live without that anyway, so defo will not be drinking that again haha.

I'm going to stay strong and stick at it after all it's still -2 bags of sugar :)
4lb is still a great loss, well done :)
4lbs is 4lbs in the right direction :)

This can be the downside of forums ... people lose weight at different rates, for a variety of reasons, so please try not to compare yourself to other people's losses (it is very hard, I know) .... however, this is your journey, if you stick with the plan you will lose about a stone a month and you'll be at goal in no time.

Onwards and downwards :)
Thanks everyone for your support, I have had a good week so far.
I find weekends the hardest as I like to socialise a lot and like to eat out, but i'm doing ok at the moment.
Nearly through the second week yay and i'm actually looking forward to weighing :) a loss is a loss.
Hope everyone else is doing ok.

Andrea xx


This is my year
Good for you, keep going!

I felt the same as you, comparing my loss with others - and was disappointed.

As someone has already said though, we are all different.

Stick with it!
hey congrats, just remember everyone's different and its still 4lb's, even if you do not have a big weight loss, if you consistently lose weight itll mount up, just remember each lb is a step to being a slimmer you, and they will soon mount up!

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