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Wk 1 - Weigh In


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Well done.. Great loss and not even a week yet!! Fantastic

I suffered with headaches in the beginning.. If you can, increase your water intake, but you can take paracetamol...I have never suffered with light headedness, so i can't help with that, sorry x
well done you too.... Have you felt light headed cant shift this?
yeah i have for the last 3 or 4 days. the muggy weather isn't helping either. i literally walked for about 10mins to the pharmacy earlier and had to have a rest when i got home haha :S
but from what i've heard it should go away.. just keep chugging at the water and take it easy.


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Hey I'm on day 18 I suffered from light headedness at the start a lot but it has got better! Still feel a bit light headed occasionally and I honestly believe it's because I haven't drank enough water, it acts as a bit of a reminder to me. So yeah just keep up the water intake, I tend to have about 3 litres a day plus shakes if I can x
Well done everyone. I'm on day 3, does it get easier? Don't feel hungry just want to eat something, habbit i suppose!!
yes it gets easier :) and yeah i think it's just because of the habit of eating.. you start to see that your body doesn't need all that food and can work perfectly well on so few calories.


goingtobeslim x
9lb off in 5 days, woo hoo, i think, was hoping for a little more. Still feel light headed with headache. Does this go away?:)
well done on your loss you have done brill :clap:
just take some anadin for your headache as paracetamol doesn't even take the edge off for me. i get lightheaded try and get up very slowly when sitting down and just keep drinking lots of water. hope it goes away for you very soon. x

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