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Wk 12 WI


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S: 18st0lb C: 17st12lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 47.2 Loss: 0st2lb(0.79%)
12 Weeks on LT today, almost 3 months. It's been a long 3 months!! My original plan was to refeed today,and take a six week break until I go back to college. I decided against that over a month ago, but now the time is here I am finding it hard to resist. A close family member was diagnosed with a serious cancer last Friday, and food, especially cake, has been calling to me like it was on Wk 1!
But, I have decided to be logical, and practical, since it's harder to get back on it a 2nd time, when I'm upset is not the time to be reintroducing food, as my self control and it's not like me refeeding would help the situation one bit.

So here's to at least one more week!! I just can't seem to commit to more than that right now, but I've no plans to give up either!

Oh yeah, I lost 3lbs this week, I kept forgetting to drink the water n I think I'm due my TOTM!

Hope everyone is well,

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rainbow brite

S: 15st1lb C: 12st6.6lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30 Loss: 2st8.4lb(17.25%)
Guen, I'm sorry to hear about your family member being ill. Best wishes to all of the family.

I'd say that it's sensible to not commit yourself to more weeks than one at a time as if you do decide you need to refeed early then you won't be so disappointed in yourself. Take it one week at a time, and take each week one day at a time sweetie. Big hugs to you and your family xxx


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well done for sticking it out, take it week by week & see how you feel best wishes to your family.

Start weight 18.00st
week1 8lb's lost
week2 5lb's lost
week3 6lb's lost
week4 4lb's lost
week5 5lb's lost
week6 6lb's lost
week7 5lb's lost
week8 3lb's lost (3 stones lost:):))
week9 5lb's lost (stopped smoking after 10yrs:):))
week10 3lb's lost
week11 4lb's lost
week12 4lb's lost
week13 3lb's lost
week14 5lb's lost


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well done on your resolve guen, you are right, eating now could lead to lack of control and undo a lot of hard work.

rainbow gave great advice, a week at a time and a day at a time, hopefully the weight loss will keep you going.

after my week 1, i never want to have to restart ever again, try writing down how you felt in week one - to deter you from considering a restart.

at the end of the day, decide on what is logically better for you.

regards to friends family.

Helen xx
Well done on your loss Guen. xx
I think the craving/wanting of food as a lot to do with your mind knowing your close to the end of your LT journey, to the point of you starting to feel the same as when you first started. I reckon these feelings will subside and it will get easier as it did in the beginning. Chin up and keep smiling xxx ;-) xxx
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Ah Guenevere, I'm so sorry to hear about your family friend. Well done on resisting food and good luck with this week.

And well done on a great loss.

Take care hun.



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Sorry to hear ur news. Hope ye are all coping. Well done on ur loss. Take 1 week at a time is a great idea. 6 x 3 is 18lb. Drink water and i'm sure u'll get over 20lbs. Wont that be a result going back to college.
Talk soon
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Hey... Well done on loosing another 3 pounds! Your ticker is moving along nicely eh! You are almost half way now babe!

Im very sorry to hear about your family member - it must be a difficult time for you and I hope from the bottom of my heart that the cancer can be treated.

I know that many of us here have an issue with comfort eating and you must feel proud of yourself for staying strong and positive throughout this time. Comfort eating is probably the worst thing we can do to ourselves, it only feels good temporarily - but usually it is followed by feelings of guilt and disgust and sickness. And the next thing you know... your clothes are getting tight and your body confidence starts to get affected.

You have done so well to get this far, last week you got under the 200 pounds mark, and you only have another 8 pounds to go until you get to the half way mark!

If you have 6 weeks left before you return to college, according to your average loss over the 12 weeks then that means you will loose another 27 pounds - which is almost 2 stone!!!! And that will take you out of the obese weight category.

You are such a strong willed person - I have picked this up from your previous posts. I know that right now is a hard time for you babe, but you have come so far and if you think you might go off the rails if you start eating again at this difficult time then you could end up right back where you started. Eating cake really wont help to change the situation, and im sure the family member cares about you so much that they would love to see you transform yourself into a fit, young healthy woman over the coming months.

Take it day by day babe, and try to focus on what you will get out of staying on LT, it is such a positive thing to do and I know you have the strength and determination to do it, you just got to find it again.

thinking of you.... :)

Well done, I think that you have done fantastically well to stay on it, there are always so many things to get in the way, and yours was a major one so I am proud of you. You will feel better and stronger for sticking, therefore stronger for others too! I thought I would have been on re-feed by the begining of July, if I had known it would have been this long at the start I would have thought twice before starting, glad I didn't. Good luck with your decisions and ask away, there is so much advice and support on here for you from alot of people! :hug99:Take care of yourself.
T x


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Great loss :D

Sorry to hear about your family news :( x

I marked my 3 month this week too - the time has just flown - honest


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Sorry to hear about your family member hun. HUGE HUGS TO YOU.

Well done on your weight loss....thats a fab loss at this stage. WELL DONE YOU!!!


on the up lol
well done :)