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Discussion in 'CD Weekly Weigh In' started by legaleagle, 28 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. legaleagle

    legaleagle Well-Known Member

    Not too bad, 4lbs making 10lbs off in two weeks..happy with that. I'll be even more happy if I get the stone next week , here's hoping :)
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  3. gero1

    gero1 Well-Known Member

    Well done! When you think about it 10lbs in 2 weeks - it's amazing!! Good for you - I lost 5 on my 1st weigh so would be chuffed to do another 5 - fingers crossed!!!

    THAI CHILLI Well-Known Member

    Well done hun
  5. Gemzo84

    Gemzo84 Well-Known Member

    Well done! :)
  6. thinforthirty!

    thinforthirty! Well-Known Member

    Well done! I had my second weigh in today and lost another 5lbs. 11lbs altogether! Can't quite believe I've lost that much in 2 weeks!! Just think any other diet and it would be 4-6 weeks for the same results!! x
  7. jadelang88

    jadelang88 Well-Known Member

    Well done that's great xx
  8. gero1

    gero1 Well-Known Member

    I am getting very nervous about my 2nd weigh in on Saturday because its looking like I've only lost 1lb - I will be angry- I've been living on 4 shakes a day, realistically about a litre and a half of water - no cheating - in fact I haven't even had my 4th shake on 2 days this week - I am going to be disappointed - why isn't it coming off me?

    I do have an underactivethyroid & take levothyroxine for it but I don't think that could be hamper my progress - I have a slow metabolism but not that slow!!

  9. Moona

    Moona Member

    I also had a loss of 10lbs in 2 weeks. 8 in week 1 and the only 2 in the second week. Today was my 4th week weigh in and I have lost 19lbs in a month. Would never had been able to lose that amount in a month through conventional eating and I'm defiantly pleased with the result xx
  10. Well done to you all...I am starting tomorrow and I can't wait. It is so inspirational reading about your weight loss.
  11. scunnered

    scunnered Member

    I have 2nd weigh in tomorrow....really concerned that its not shifting...but i have told myself 7.5lbs last week...stuck to the diet like glue so I must have lost ! will update tomorrow.words of encouragement please lol x

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