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G: 12st7lb
Just wonderd if anyone ever considered weight loss surgery befor startig LT ??
as i even went as far as asking my doc about it and spoke to someone who had had a gastric band
I'm glad founds wouldn't allow but if money was no object would you ?

debz x
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Back on the diet train...
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my mum asked me that but i dont fink i cud. just incase anythin went wrong an thats it u stuck wiv it. however i no a women who got it on the nhs 3 months ago an has lost over 3st already. so its up 2 the person really.
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I definitely wouldn't. You hear so many horror stories about it and it doesn't really get to the bottom of the problem does it. At least with something like LT it requires will power and commitment- which stands you in good stead for leading a 'normal' life afterwards.

Bex- the woman who has lost 3 stone in 3 months could probably have achieved the same on LT- without the invasive surgery too! You're right that it's down to the person but it's not for me.

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i have. i badgered my GP to refer me, got approval for NHS funding, got my appointment at the hospital to meet with the doctors & surgeons. went for it, at 22 and a bit stone and i was the smallest person in the room by about 10stone.

i think that day was a massive eye opener for me. i cried all week before my appointment thinking at the time it was relief because i KNEW i was going to fix myself. at my appointment i cried too. on my way home my boyfriend just asked me, what if it they wont do it? and i just said, oh i'll do lipotrim again. he said ok as long as you have a plan.

when i got home i just had a moment where i thought, what the hell am i doing? just do lipotrim again!! at least then i know that if for whatever reason i cant maintain my weight, there is still a last resort. if i'd had the surgery and it hadnt worked, where would i be then?

I know how it feels to be in a state where you feel WLS is teh only option, and i will never judge a person for choosing that method. but i know for me who has impossibly high standards for myself, i would have felt that i'd failed if i'd had the band.

it was a huge decision to start the surgery process, but i cant tell you how happy i am that i have withdrawn from the process and i'm tackling it this way. i still run the risk of putting the weight back on, as we all do but that is my mission, to not have to go back there.

phew - that was cathartic! xxx


Otherwise known as Jools
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A few years ago my Gp asked me if I wanted to go forward for Surgery, but at that time I was not ready. I don't think that I would ever be prepared to change my life so drastically that its irreversible like a band or a bypass. I know that a drastic lifestyle change is required to reduce and maintain a healthy weight - but at least there is the option to enjoy food again properly and healthily (sp). With a band or a bypass there is still no guarantee that you will lose lots of weight - blended Mars Bars anyone ;) and what is so enjoyable about eating only a few mouthfuls of food - thats not the life for me. I want to be able to go and enjoy food again and if I have been a bit naughty one day and eaten too much or something I shouldn't at least I can make changes to the rest of my diet that week and balance it up properly.

Nah not for me - the only surgery I would be in line for is body sculpting when I have reached Goal and have loads of excess skin (maybe!).

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