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Wobble board exercises!


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Since quite a few of us have wobble boards aka vibration/powerplates, I thought I'd post a thread about exercises that we do on them and then we can all try each others out! I know ny exercise booklet is fairly basic so it might be good to swap ideas! Can't post any right now cos I haven't been on it yet! But I do intend to rectify that this morning - I promised FAF so I must lol! ;)

Jim, you are welcome to read all the booby exercises hun! :8855:
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Well come on girls!!! Post some exercises!! :rolleyes:


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dont have a wobble board :( but.... if you sit on the floor with your back turned towards the plate and do tricep lifts thats really works on it.

also found this for you

) SQUAT:- Stand on plate without the mat and bend at knees, as if you are about to sit down, do not allow your knees to travel over your toes. This works legs and bum.

2) LUNGE:- Place one foot on plate knee bent, other leg is stretched out behind, bend that knee so it's dipping towards floor, raise the heel. Repeat on the other side. This works the legs.

3) PRESS UP:- Place mat provided on the plate, hands on the mat and go into a press up stance, your elbows should be bent and your chest lowered. This works chest & triceps.

4) TRICEP DIP:- Facing away from machine, place hands on edge of machine, bend at elbows lowering bottom slightly towards the floor. Legs can be outstretched or slightly bent at knees. This works the triceps.

5) THE PLANK:- Place forearms on the plate, body outstretched, so your weight is on forearms and toes, don't allow the back to arch, keep bottom up a little. Pull your stomach muscles in tight, but keep breathing. This works the stomach.

6) BICEPS CURL:- Powerplates come with nylon straps which attach to the front or sides of machine & adjust with velcro strips. Attach straps to the front, stand in front of machine, knees slightly bent. Elbows should be loose, but stable at sides, hold the strap's grips, so knuckles are facing floor and pull up hard on the straps. This works biceps.


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You are an absolute star! And you don't even have a wobble plate - thanks Vicky. Going to struggle with press ups as I still can't put ant weight on my arm, but I reckon I can manage the rest! You're going to have to invest in one hun, I shall look on ebay for ya xx ;)


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Am I guessing correctly what the ultimate work out is or is my mind straying? :8855:


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Ive had a look caz - sooo expensive and soo far away
i have rediscovered a new form of s*x. the other half loves it too. might have to take the fuse out the plug and say its broken to get a rest :8855::8855::8855::8855:


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Then that is my mission - to find you a cheap one that's not far away :D
So much for wobbling! Just done 3 mins on it and it's smoking!!! Is this normal girls? :confused:


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PMSL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :8855: :8855: :8855: :8855:


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lmfao CAZ - its bust already!!!!!! are you sure you are not having a sneaky fag while you are training?
FAF did you say you lay on your wobble plate?
Would you believe it is hailstoning here? :confused:
Thanks Steph! Great site x x :D


Loves this site!
Sorry babe ive only just seen this thread. Is yours really smoking?
I love the plank where i put mine on fat burn mode then lay with my tummy on the wobble plate then when the vibrations go up to level 9 i lift my arms and legs off the floor and when wobble goes to level 1 i rest. My belly feels like ive done hundreds of sit ups the next day.
I laid on mine yesterday and I can't feel anything today! Wonder if mine is working that well??? I'll try again tomorrow :p At least it's stopped smoking :8855: And no Vicky, I managed to refrain from smoking whilst I wason it pmsl :D

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