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Wobbly diary - last time!!

Hiya everyone

I am moving over from cambridge!!

I have done 5 weeks and decided enough was enough on friday!

I am still showing a loss of 2.2 lb this week which is great because i thought with eating i might have gained.

So i am joining group tomorrow lunch time and will start counting my points as from tomorrow. Still being 'careful' though as don't want a gain this week.

I know the losses will be a lot sower but I had my fill of the shakes yeugh!! Did give me a boost though and i have dropped a size!

Any advice or any low point bargains to be had lol.

Also any challenges going for xmas, I have a night out on 18th December so that is 8 weeks on friday mmmmm..... am thinking another stone by then.

Can't wait to 'meet' you all and looking forward to getting slimmer by the week

x x x x x
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welcome to the WW boards :D good luck with your WW journey - theres a challenge for the remainder of october as a sticky if you're interested :) x
Hiya everyone, thanx for the posts!

I have been weighed at dinnertime and joined weight watchers, had gained 2 1/2 pound so not bad really considering I have stopped cambridge.

I am starting my points so I am going to the gym tonight, god help me!! ha ha, haven't been for a while with doing the shakes (lack of energy).

WIll keep posting on here and look forward to hearing from you all for your expertise and encouragement.

Love x x x
Hi! Welcome, that's good that u've only put on 2.5lbs after changing! Well done! Good luck at the gym :)

Well never made the gym last night, hubby works away and he got a call to go at 5 this morning so spent some time with him aaahhhh....

BUT!! I did go to the gym this morning at 7am before work! Was like the middle of the night but feel better for it now but I am starving.

I have got a WW breakfast bar with me so will have that in a minute with a cuppa.

Speak later x x x
Hello and welcome!

Look forward to Reading your journey x
Hiya everyone

Day 1 nearly over!

I've had:

WW breakfast bar
2 snack a jacks 3 points

2 ryvita with 1 laughing cow triangle and cucumber
slm a soup
yogurt and pineapple 4 points

chicken stir fry
2 garlic slices 7 1/2 points

WW choc pud (naughty) 3 points

skimmed milk 1 point

Am on 25 a day so wil be saving points for the weekend.....

I am thinking of buying a slow cooker, does anyone use one or have any recipe ideas! Will post a new thread for this as well!

Laters x xx x
i have 1 and its the best thing i ever bought it makes ace casseroles and stews even made pot roast.well youve nearly got through 1st day ww is quite easy to follow , you will find lots of help on here and there are some good recipes. if youre not sure of anything just ask someone is bound to know the answer and good luck again take care x x


Is in the Zone
Hello :)

2.5 gain after cambridge is excellent :) I bet you're enjoying chewing food again ... I only did CD for 1 week and hated every second lol

Have a great week

God yeah it's such a change from cambridge, wondering why I never stuck to WW in the past and all this weight would be gone by now! Determined this time, i sm not doing cambridge again, so know it will be slower but sticking with it, gonna hammer the gym as well x x


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I am so impressed! The gym BEFORE work! Wow! Well done!! Good luck with your WW journey! I have a feeling you'll do just fine...before work...wow! I am lucky to get in before the kids line up! lol
Morning everyone

Day 2 today, managed to save 5 points yesterday but will probably need them for saturday night, having a get together with mam nad sister, will probably involve vodka!! NOt too much though I will be good and I am gonna cook a healthy meal so should be ok.

Not sure what to have for dinner today!! mmmmm... Any ideas, we have a morrisons near work and a subway!!

Later x x x
If you go to subway get a 6" chicken breast sub on wheat bread with salad no sauce for 4.5 points, I love having loads of jalepeno chillis on mine :)

well done on sticking to it so far x
If you go to subway get a 6" chicken breast sub on wheat bread with salad no sauce for 4.5 points, I love having loads of jalepeno chillis on mine :)

well done on sticking to it so far x
Was just about to say the same! Love Chicken Sub! :D

Anyone know how much points the sauces are though? I've never been able to find out?

Well done so far Wobbly - food diary sounds good! I fancy a chicken stir fry now! :D

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