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Wobbly71 Diary 2008 my year!!! - starting CD monday 4th february!

Thought i would post on this thread as i sort of jump between CD, SF and SW.

I will explain, i get weighed at a slimming world class on a tuesday evening, i need to get weighed by someone else!! strange I know but it spurs me on and i like the daft stickers you get for achieving something....

I am very mad by the way.

Anyway the diet i am following (at the minute) is slimfast. I am having a SF smoothie for brekkie, then an apple, then my main meal at lunchtime which is low fat followed by fruit, then a cereal bar or SF snack bar pm, then a SF shake and another snack on a night.

I am trying not to eat too much night times as apparently it lays!! On a tuesday after weighing I will eat on a night and also a saturday as I have to! You understand what I mean don't you!!!!

Anyway so far so good lost 2 pounds last week and 3 pounds this week.

Over the moon with my 3 pounds this week as i had a weekend in Marbella/Puerto Banus which my gorgeous hubby surprised me with last thursday afternoon and we flew at 7 am friday morning. Work not too pleased!!!!! But anyhow you only live once!

Hope everyone is doing great whichever plan they are following and I would love to get to know you all!

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Losing the baby fat
Hi, does your slimming world leader know youre doing another plan?
I'm a bit like you I go to weight watchers just for the weigh in and I don't follow their system at all.
I told her I am just counting calories and I don't think she's too pleased to be honest.
i darent tell her I am now using paul mckennas mind control cd lol.
I know when you reach goal you get to fill in a success story, but mine wont be down to ww.
Anyway just thought i'd tell you youre not alone in just going for the weigh in:eek:
it helps to keep you in check i find.
Congrats wobbly, great loss thus far.
SW leader has no idea!!

I never went last night as I haven't been feeling too well, sickly!

Anyway, I am contemplating doing CD again. I have some packs on the house to try and get back into it before i phone my leader.

I am doing ok at the minute weight loss wise but i know it doesn't carry on like this, and I feel like i need to loose weight quick and once and for all.

I am at a wedding abroad in July and would love to loose the bulk of my weight by then, i know with CD i could and i would really enjoy my weekend and the wedding.

Can't bear the thought of going shopping for clothes for a wedding in a size 20-22.

So this is what I am thinking of doing, i have a day out planned fo r saturday and then will try as from Monday!!

Will keep you posted.


Losing the baby fat
Have you thought of just counting calories?
I understand the need to lose it quickly, but your body would appreciate a more steady loss and you have a better chance of keeping it off. Think of it as more a lifestyle than a diet. Youve already got your weigh ins sorted - it doesnt take long to drop a dress size - 14lbs and it's a size down.
Think of the long term not a short fix - youre body would thank you for it.
Youre not morbidly obese so why the hurry? 28lbs and you would drop into a 16/18 - thats achieveable in 4 months, maybe less.
Well I have mad a decision ! Drum Roll please!!!!!!!!!!!

I am starting sole source on Monday definately...

I am never going to loose weight on a conventional diet because i can't control my eating!! the only way is to remove food altogether!

I have text my CDC to see if I can see her monday. I already have a week of packs in the house but i want to get weighed at thye start rather than a week in so I am hoping to get another week packs off her on Monday then return to her after 2 weeks....

I need to do this and I need to remember WHY I am doing this: -

1. To be able to go to 'nice' shops for clothes I like rather than what fits me.
2. To be healthier as at the minute i am so unfit, I struggle with basic exrecise
3. I am at a wedding in July and I want to look gorgeous
4. To improve my sex life with hubby (He deserves it!!!!!!!!!and so do I!!!!!!
5. To change my eating habits once and for all and end this constant starve/binge cycle i have developed.

I would ideally love to looose 5 stone on cambridge sole source which would take me to 12 stone, still overweight but I then would want to loose weight on a higher plan!!

I am going to stick to this and I will post on here monday-friday when at work, I am determined that 2008 is the year I finally do it!!!

Hope you all help me along the way!
Isn't it weird how ------

I have decided to SS from Monday and I am one of these people who thinks, right what do i want to eat between now and then! So I have basically been eating anything i wanted to, now on my scales this morning since Tuesday I have lost 4 pounds doing this!!!!

Isn't it strange!! ANd beleive me hardly anything I have ate has been low fat/healthy!!

Wish it was like this all of the time..
Well today is Day 1. Had a coffee and glugging water. I have an appointment at 8.30 tonight with CDC so was gonna start tomorrow but I have some packs so starting now!!!

I know it's gonna be hard but so what!!! I need to see the scales go DOWN!!!!

I will post later! and let you know how i am getting on!!!

Please reply to me to keep me going, ta x x

fat in the jing

as happy as a lark!
Hi Wobbly,
This is the third time that I've tried to reply to your thread, both times before laptop has run out of battery and I've just given up and gone to bed! I'm plugged into mains today, so hopefully today I can finish!

I was so excited for you when I read the post that you had made the decision to start today. Making that decision for me, a couple of months ago, has changed my life in so many ways.....I am so much happier, energetic, healthy and....of course SEXY!!!! :eek::D:eek:

I hope that your day is going well so far.....5 stone, no problem, by May I'd reckon! You'll be a new woman YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!

Love to you!
thanks for your replies, but straight away i am starting tomorrow!!!

I think there is something programmed in my mind about a fresh start after being weighed tonight by CDC.. on top of the fact that my blender which i had in my desk at work is buggered so couldn't do my shake at dinnertime.

Anyway seeing cdc at 8.30pm tonight and definately up for it tomorrow...

I promise not to let you all down and most importantly not to let myself down, so roll on Day 1 x x x x
Well it's definately day 1 today!!

I have updated my ticker and i have a lot to loose. This would take me down to 12 stone, would ideally like to be 10 stone 7 pounds i think but would only SS till 12 stone i think, will wait and see how it goes!

I have had a coffee and a litre of water already and gonna try and wait till 11 for my first shake then 3 for another one.

AM starving already mind but putting it out of my mind.

Downwards and onwards!!!!!!!

Will be back on later to update.
Day 2

Can't believe I have done a day, I haven't done it for that long. Had 2nd shake at 5.30 when i got in from work then one at 9 pm while daughter had a happy meal!!!!

Was busy at work so not too bad and then cleaned kitchen cupboards out last night.

feeling positive and strong at the minute, i know i have harder times to get through but up to now ok.

Hubby home tomorrow for 3 weeks and so it should be a bit easier as he will shop and cook for a week or so till i get into it!

Be back later.

Day 2 - 4 pm

Still going well - had one shake at 12 ish then will have another when i get in about 5.30 leaves one before bed.

Hope I can keep this up I am starving though but at least no headaches yet!!!!

Hubby home tonight for 3 weeks!!!

Speak tomorrow


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