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Womens Stuff!

Sorry for discussing my inner most bodily functions with you all, I am sure there are better things I could share, but is it normal for "Auntie Flo" to go out of sink on LL. I had a little visit from her on the week before I started (as normal - 2 weeks ago) and today I noticed what seems to be the start of a return visit. I am normally completely regular so just wondering if this is ok?

Thank you
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Hi Sappho,

It is quite common on a vlcd for the menstrual cycle to be affected. Hormone levels fluctuate when there are changes in weight - particularly in women.

Once you reach your goal it all settles down again and returns to normal.

Love Mini xxx


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We have discussed this in group and every one of us has had a change in cycle.
Oh the joys of womanhood huh ladies?
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I didnt have a period for 2 years before I started LL... In the past 11 weeks (since I started) I have had 3 periods :) :D :eek:
Aunty flow.
well made me laugh that did x
Thank you guys, I was a bit worried to be honest but that makes me feel reassured that it is all normal! I dont think theres any chance that I am pg (did cross my mind though lol).

I hope noone is called Flo on here!:eek:
Anyone's 'Aunty Flow' (love the expression btw! Gona use that from now on!) heavier than normal? Mine's alot heavier. I hope it reduces when I finish LL! Although my LLC said that estrogen (I think that's the right one!) is stored in fat cells and so as you lose weight the less 'storage space' you have and so it's gotta go somewhere! But I'm no medic so who knows! :confused:
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Nope mine's the opposite - gone really light but lasted longer


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I went into the menopause when I was 32. I started to gain wait rapidly for no apparent reason, and the Docs finally found out it was the menopause. The body obviously wants oestrogen and when you start to lose it from your ovaries it starts to make it from fat. So you get fatter easily so your body can have the oestrogen it needs, hence middle age spread. If you have lots of fat you will probably have alot of oestrogen floating around, so if you lose fat then your body has to get used to varying amounts. Also with PCOS the problems worsen the bigger you are.
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That is interesting Birdy! I too went in to menoupause at age 33 - but it was forced menopause. Doe to my potentially being at a very high risk of ovarian cancer, I had a total hysterectomy - uteras and ovaries gone. Good news was, no more periods! Yay! Bad news was, it meant no children for me. :( Something I have recently been feeling a lot of things around that. but thats a nother sotry for another day.

But my body shape did change dramatically after that - all my fat started to shift to my tummy where before it was spread pretty evenly about my body. I was on HRT and am meant to be on it for life - but have been very neglectfull. SO maybe thats part of it? I had never heard that before, so definatly food for thought.
I have been through the menopause but I was big when it started so I dont if it effected my weight. However, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Aunty Flo never comes round again, I dont get PMT (I was a murderess at thoses times). I can honestly say I feel 100% better.

The family like me better now. I am sure PMT had a lot to do with me putting on weight as I was a nightmare for a week, and then afterwards I would feel extremely guilty on how I behaved and eat to comfort myself. Come to think of it I used to eat for every reason.

At work the used to put a sign up "BEWARE PMT AREA" - lol:eek::D


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I have no ovaries or uterus anymore. No PMT or being person from hell again! Before the menopause I was quite small 10/12 and always found it difficult to get skirts or trousers too fit well cos my waist was so small (or my arse too big?!), now it is the other way around. I find it hangs everywhere else but is tight around the tum.:(. I have to take the HRT to protect my bones, but also I am vile, tearful and want to eat. So my little orange pills are my happy pills! I did have the 'patch', but my skin didn't like it. They either wouldn't stick or gave me a rash! Plus where the last one was it left a dirty mark for a week that no amount of scrubbing would remove! Attractive! NOT!:D
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I didn;t know there was a patch? That would be better for me - I am rubbish about taking pills!! I was told that since I was not allowed to go into menopause naturally, I would have to be on HRT for the rest of my life and if I didn;t that I would get osteoporosis when I got older, without doubt....so its quite important. I haven't taken them for about a year now!! :( I just got fed up but perhaps as I am now learning to make myself healthy I should get back on therm.

I know what you mean - I have learned to hate my tummy. There was a point where I would beat myself up, literally, in disgust at what became of my belly. Not very good really. I am over that part - but still hate it. Might check out that patch!


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BL don't just try one patch, I tried about 5 brands before I found one that stayed on for the 3 days it's supposed to. You might be lucky 1st time, but then I began to get like a plaster allergy where it had been and it bagan to itch so back to the tablets! I'm not very good at taking them either. i think it's because they aren't being taken for something you feel, if it hurts you take a pill, but with HRT Its nothing. If you see what I mean! If I forget to take it for a week, then I know cos I start to get zitty:(

Deb G

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Yep - I've only had 2 in 20 weeks (which I personally see as a bonus) and they only lasted 3 days! Hope that stays once I'm eating again!!!

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