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Wonderful Wednesday's exercise

My Wednesday exercise pledge has already begun

Today I walked 3.2 miles to work , I will walk another mile at lunchtime (since i dont have to Q up in Greggs!) and I will walk another 3.2 miles home , if my darling brother has fixed my bike as promised I will go out for at least half an hour or untill i get bored then its home to sleep and do it all again tomorrow.


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Going to walk around Dublin zoo for the day pushing a double buggy. Strong arms ...lol

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ok, im off work today so i can do a bit more...

1 hr housework

1 hr wardrobe clearing out (not gonna burn much fat, but i found shoes i forgot i had and several tops that never fitted before but do now)

10km bike ride (or longer if im in the zone)

however much i can manage on my new slendertone, whenever the postman arrives with it (i missed them yesterday)


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oooh i have been feeling really bad as i dont do anywhere near what you lot do, i really struggle to climb the stairs somedays, however, the dog was sulking this morning - so i will take him his usual 1 hr walk around the village. not a fast walk, about 2.5 miles, but he has to sniff and pee at every 'doggy watering point'

it is lovely and warm today too, so i can take off the cashmere jumpies i have been wearing all week!
so far 3hrs house work and thats just upstairs then prob 2 hrs house work downstairs i will do an hour boxin on the wii tonight and i thinks thats the lot !!!!
nic - u are really going for it on this bike! really well done...

i got my appointment today with the gym guy - so looking forward to getting my plan in place to give it 100% to the end of august!



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one hoir long walk with the dog - will spend about 2 hours in the garden - Wii tonight :)


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i can join the gym again from 1st August (had an op a month ago) and so can only do light exercise for the next 3 months. So looking forward to getting back into the pool!
So far I've done the same as yesterday, 2 trips to school - one to drop off, one to collect - and an exercise tape (Mr Motivator again, he does make me giggle!!!) If the children insist then I'll play badminton with them in the garden later!

hey - met with my personal trainer and he promised me he will get the fat from my arms, tummy and back zapped off :D happy days!

so i am going to work with him monday and thursday - then i do the programme on my own one day a week and i go to body combat class once a week also... i wanted to do 5 times a wk but he said too much and start with 4times and if after 2 weeks i want to up to to 5 times then i can. so i am comitting myself 100% to this schedule for the entire month of august - giving it my all for the last month to ensure i tone up and burn fat from the places that it needs to go the most!

no exercise for me today though - im going to a poker game now! lol xox
You go girl...... happy Pokeing:D:D:D:D


Says it as it is!!!
he promised me he will get the fat from my arms, tummy and back zapped off :D happy days!
HAHAHA... You realise, hes going to work you like a dauwg!! lol
Good for you hunni, sounds like you go it sussed!!!
roll on August!!

Well, i scrapped in 2 hours on the bike...just!!! my legs are like jelly and i am not moving tonight and probably wont be able to move tomorrow either!
So tomorrow i am doing Jack!!!! lol well apart from walking to the car and back and round asda!ooo and some gluing and sticking maybe!:D

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