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Wondering what you all do....?


Just a question Ive been wondering about....

I havent really been out socialising since I start LT six weeks ago and on Tuesday next week I'm off on holiday for a week.

I'm just wondering how you all cope when your out and about with other people and if they order food etc --what do you do to keep your mind off it?

I know that this sounds a bit odd but theres a very high possibility that the whole week is gonna revolve around food for them in one way and another, (pasties, cafes etc) that and also out one or two days with my brother and his family...I dont want to make a whole song and dance about this diet thing...I want to keep it all low key so how do I just stop it from getting all out of proportion? Does this make sense? lol

Sorry for going on....it's just praying on my mind a bit.

By the way, they know that im on this diet and are fine with it and everything so its not the fact that ive got to explain it all to them...its just if theres any awkward moments when theyre ordering food and im sat there like a lemon with a glass of water lol

h xxxx
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Well, whenever I went out and friends would order food, I would take along my bar and eat that instead! At least then I was eating with them... When it comes to drinks, I usually have sparkling mineral water unless the place has Coze Zero (which they usually dont!!).

If you are in utter desperation, and really feel obliged to eat something, then do what we call on CD 'add-a-meal' - a very small portion of plain chicken, fish, tofu or quorn, and 2 tablespoons green veg/green salad. That will keep you in ketosis and doesnt contain many calorie,s so wont be damaging to your weight loss. I'm going to have to do that myself this evening as I have to go out for a meal... and its not one where Ican ask the waiter to make up my soup LOL.
thanks for the reply. i wouldnt feel obliged to eat anything ie food cause im totally in the right mind set not too lol but i will take your advice and make sure ive got enough food bars and take one of those if i have to :)

h x


Back on the wagon!
Coke Zero doesnt contain citric acid and therefore CD allow it. However, the LT rules are very very strict and technically you cant.....however I did have a little bottle from time to time to relief the boredom of just black tea/coffee and water when I was on LT!!! I fount it fine and didnt effect my weight loss.....
nope not supposed to...just water or leaf teas..thats it :)

h x