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Wonder's Experiment - Week 1 results!

I’m probably going to deeply regret this, and many of you will think me mad for doing it. What am I taking about? Exercise! Yes, we all love to hate it, and I’m no exception! :hide:
SW is a great plan and you certainly don’t have to exercise to lose weight on it. However, I personally am curious to see how much of a difference a sustained effort will make to my weekly losses.

My main trigger for wanting to do this is a very special holiday coming up in 5 weeks time. I’m so fed up of dodging the camera or looking at photos and saying “God! I look so fat!” that, I’ve decided it MUST be different this time.

By sharing my exercise diary with all of you over the next few weeks, I’m hoping it will;

a) Encourage me to stick with it :character00115:
b) If it works… give others the inspiration to do more of it.
c) If nothing else, give you all a good laugh! :rotflmao:

I’m going at it guns blazing - my goals are;

1) Ensure I clock up between 10,000 and 12,000 steps (recommended for weight loss) every day on my pedometer.
2) Do cardio/toning DVD at least 4 times per week for a minimum of 30 minutes.
3) Drink recommended 2 litres of water a day (I retain too much and don’t drink enough).

So, that’s the plan.

I’ll post the first instalment tomorrow. Today is my first day and I have yet to go home and leap around in front of the TV, like a woman possessed – uh oh!

May the force be with me!
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Ohh good on you hun, that sounds very ambitious though hun, I'm sure you'll do brilliantly but if you can't fit in 4 x 30 min sessions a week then don't be hard on yourself. xxx


soon to be skinny minnie
Good idea wonder. I should be doing that too. The thing i worry about though is (youwill prob think i'm daft but) if i start exercising, then lose good amounts of weight each week, then stop and don't lose anything because my body is used to the exercise. Am i daft??
Good idea wonder. I should be doing that too. The thing i worry about though is (youwill prob think i'm daft but) if i start exercising, then lose good amounts of weight each week, then stop and don't lose anything because my body is used to the exercise. Am i daft??
No, you are most certainly NOT daft. We all worry about these things because losing weight is such an uphill struggle.

I know from experience that we can lose weight with SW without exercising - that's the beauty of it! I just want to give myself that 'extra' boost and am curious to see how much of a benefit it might be... x
Good on ya!!!

I'm starting my exercise routine next week too -got flu so can't really start until then :-( But think might need a kick up the arse to do it - going to do a salsa class, ballroom dancing and pilates or yoga
I certainly will :) Aiming to be fit and healthy for Saturday and do a Pilates class - start off gentle;)


Reached Target. woohoo
No one hated excercise as much as i did but now i love it, i only do 3 x 15 mins per week and twice on the wii fit. I like to walk whenever i can. Its what helped me to lose the weight quicker and my body is more toned, so anything is better than nothing. xxx loobylou
How's it all going with the experiment?

I have formulated my plan and you have to kick me if I don't stick to it. I'm going to start Monday as still not 100% so think Friday may be ambitious.

Monday - Ballroom/Latin American beginners dance class
Tuesday - Tai Chi
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - Yoga
Friday - Salsa
Saturday - Pilates
Sunday - rest

That is the ultimate plan - may have to work up to it slowly, quite excited about starting it actually :) Just need to get healthy again !!
Well I purchased a cross trainer at the weekend and it tells you approx how many calories your burning etc etc. Started on Sunday and did 15 mins and did 2 lots yesterday. I really hope this speeds up my weight loss xx
Wonder's Experiment - DAY 1

Well... Day 1 successfully completed as follows;

Pedometer steps total = 13,099 :eek: Woah!

I didn't do anything out of the norm - I walked to and from the train station which is a total of 40 mins and popped out for lunch.

30 mins Cardio

I did this when I got home and have to admit it was pretty tough. Today, I feel as though I've been run over by a bus! But I guess that means its working!

2 litres of water

Only managed 1.5 litres and can't stay out of the loo!!

I slept like a baby and feel pretty good today :D
Good on ya!!! Well done. Don't worry if you don't stick to it like glue to start with - you will need to work up to it - 13,099 steps is impressive!!
Thats very impressive planning for the both of you!!!
Wonder....thats amazing!!!
Can I just say though, dont over do it to begin with, just gradually build up the exercise programme and before you know it, you'll be hiking up Everest!!
I do 4 hours exercise a week - well I teach jive, so constantly dancing! I try and go swimming as much as possible..only learnt to swim 4 years ago and making up for it now!
I walk as much as I can, even sometimes leaving the car at home to collect Daughter from Nursery if I have finished on time.
But thats me! I will try and do more...we have a Wii fit at home that is still in its box (bought it about 3 weeks ago!)...we are having our house rebuilt and Hubby didnt want to get it out until new carpet down...now it it, watch this space!

Good luck with the exercise!

I really want the Wii Fit too :(

Well done Wonder, keep up the good work. Don't forget to take your measurements because that's a true sign of how well the exercise is working.
Wonder my love,

You have inspired me. lol. When i first started SW i was exercising (50 minute DVD) once a week and working in a shop so always on my feet. Now i'm sitting in an office i need to make the extra effort.

I'm going to buy a pedometer (how much and where from??) lol, and bring a 2 litre bottle of water to work with me so i can keep track of how much i'm drinking (I, too retain cause i don't drink enough)
And i'm going to try my bestest to do my dvd 3 times a week (but if i'm busy i won't beat myself up about it) and try and go for a walk around my building a few times a day to keep the blood flowing as they say!

Thanks hun. Good luck with your experiement!! xxxxx

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