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Woo hooo!!


Slimming down the aisle
I went shopping this evening with my Dad and sister, just Tescos, so not my favourite type! But I needed a few bits and just wanted to get out of the house for a bit to diffuse after arguing with my mum earlier. On a random point, is it wrong that I really enjoyed my trip to Tescos?! lol Anyway, they have a sale on clothes so thought I'd look, nothing I wanted but did spot some funky pyjamas I liked! I thought I'd buy slightly small to slim into them as I do have some at the moment. So bought a 16-18, and they actually fit me!!!!!


I was amazingly surprised, didn't expect it at all. Great thing is the way the bottoms are designed, I can wear for a few more size drops too.

I mean, I know that they must be a big 16-18, but still, I don't care! I haven't fit into anything with that small a size number in a long time! I wouldn't mind people seeing the size tag on these. Rather than if I'm staying at someone's house, careful positioning clothes so they can't see them. Just in case. I mean a 16 to 18 isn't where I want to be, at all, but it's so much better than the 24 that was on all my clothes when I started!!

Sorry, I'm going on, a lot. I'm just fairly happy! Definitely a good end to an otherwise pretty crap day!

:banana dancer: - me about 10 minutes ago
:wee: - me about 5 minutes ago
:party0049: - me now!
I'm calming down as you can see!
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Needs to stop eating!!
Lol @ the smilies. Yes I also enjoy going to Tesco. Well done on fitting into a size 16-18. I wear a size 18 Jacket and even in boiling weather I tend to keep it on just so the label isnt seen :( Well done once again you must be chuffed
oh well done hun xx


Proud to be a Loser!
I'm so happy for you, Caz. I love that feeling of going down a size or 2, first the disbelief, then the denial ("No, I couldn't possibly be that size, look at me!") then the sheer bloody joy! (as demonstrated above :D) Good on ya, girl :) xx
Well done hun, you have worked very hard - they will be falling off you soon by the looks of it too!!!


Slimming down the aisle
I'm still wearing them now, because I don't want to change out of them into my larger clothes!! ha It's strange how I know I'm not at a 16-18 yet so I know that these are a bit big, but I don't care! I like seeing the small numbers there!

I have discovered that while the size 20 jeans I have don't quite fit me, I think it's the style of them. They're not the usual style I wear really to be honest. They sit quite low, I like jeans to go over my belly, less chance of a muffin top!! So I'm tempted to do a big long trek into town and take a look, try on a few bits. Not really buy anything, apart from jeans if I find a 20 that fits! My 22s are getting far too loose. If all else fails, I need to go buy a belt!!

I'm at that horrible point between sizes where getting dressed is a pain in the bum!! I really need to go through all my clothes again, try everything on, and get the opinion of my mum or something. It's so tempting to keep stuff that is 'only a bit big' but actually really does me no favours at all.


is going to loose!
Caroline fabulous!

That's a massive difference from a size 24! I can only imagine your smile and that wonderful proud feeling. Go CD hey!



is going to loose!
Oh yeah try them all on and go buy that belt! Or a new top! how long before you think the 20's, jeans will fit you?

LOL still in those PJ"s


Slimming down the aisle
They should fit me reeeally soon, it's the difference of an inch or two. Just so that I feel comfortable in them rather than not being able to do them up now. If that makes sense!


Slimming down the aisle
I went and tried on a different pair of size 20 jeans, and they fit! So I tried on another pair to check, and they also fit! So seems the one pair I was checking by were small and badly styled! So I am now a definite 20 on the bottom! Woo!
Hey caroloine, glad you checked out the jeans, least you know what size you are now. I had a simular experience with a pair of jeans, they were cut "low rise" apparently sit on your hips rather than your waist.

Did you go to town in your jamas with the labels hagging out? lol (joking)



Slimming down the aisle
Haha no but I should have!! Maybe next time :D

Yeah, they were like that. I've discovered they can work out kinda small. And I think they were generally small.

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