Woohoo!!! I've started!

Wahey!!! Thats excellent news In!!! You will need to try all the packs but some you will like more than others!! I only ever eat 3 flavours from LL. Although its the same thing day in day out i blimmin well love it!
Why not? lol I quite fancy a banana shake! Don't have that option on LL ;o(

I have a choc shake for breakfast (yum yum)
Thai chill soup for lunch (yum)
Toffee bar at 4pm (yum yum yum)

Then as i've already got to my target (once!) i have an evening meal of meat and veggies. (yum yum yum yum).

Good luck In - You'll be amazed at the transformation in such a short time. I'm looking forward to reading your results!!
yay for you!

I'm so jealous hearing what your cdc was like with you I think I might find a new one so I can boast about how wonderful mine is too.
Yeah, I'm a samey kind of girl. Sometimes I'll have the same meal 3 or 4 nights in a row. :) But I'm not trying Banana! :eek: ;)

hey InLoko

Welcome on board and well done for starting CD its just the best diet ever!!!

I used to hate everything banana-y and it was the only one my cdc had for a tester when i got there and i tried it and it was yummy... its the tetra one and sooo handy let me tell ya!!!!

i'm dying to try the new bars!!

good luck for day 1 and just remember the first day or so are hardest then you will be flying!!

Gen xx
Well done all of you for taking that difficult first step. Now just get through the first week, and you'll be flying.
After 2 weeks, you'll have lost a stone, and then there'll be no stopping you.
Ann x
Great news on starting CD, honey! And so glad you like the soup and shake you've already had. I've not yet found one I can honestly say I dislike .. although of course I like some more than others. Just a matter of trial and error really.

Once you see how much you've lost after your first week there'll be no stopping you! :)
Hiya!! and well done for jumping on the diet.

I am sure you will love getting slim on Cambridge!! it is just so much fun along the way I promise you.

YAY - glad you enjoyed your 2 packs so far. i love the CD flavours.
You might find you go through phases of liking one for ages then going off it and then liking it again after a while - tastebuds are funny things!! :)

Keep posting through these rough first few days. Hopefully you will sail through into ketosis though!!

Looking forward to hearing all about your success!! :)
Hi InL0K0,

How are you feeling today? Still enjoying CD? My fave packs are Butterscotch mousse and choc ice-cream (frozen tetra). The Thai Chilli smells OK but I've not been brave enough to try it yet!

Keep drinking the water and you'll be hitting your target in no time at all!

A very positive start Inloko: your head definitly sounds 'in the right place' and it needs to be to get along on this (or any) diet. :)

Glad you're enjoying the 'journey of discovery' re the CD flavours.
I've tried them all and don't actively dislike ANY of them but tend to stick to the same few that I like the best.

And if you like the shakes and soups .... wait til you're allowed to have the bars!!!! :D
Peanut & Cranberry crunch bars are TO DIE FOR!

Good luck with your first week - you'll be fine (I can tell! ;) )