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Woohoo things are on the UP!!! :D


I will succeed!!!
After a few months of grrrrs things are looking up!

1 - I DID get offered the job in the other department and I have accepted. Only thing is it may be 12 months before my manager releases me as I'm one of the longer standing people. But still...woohoo!

2 -We've sold the flat. The sale has been horrific so far with him wanting every penny we have along with the property. It's cost us a LOT of money to sell it as it's under what I paid and fees, redemption charges etc. But it's completing very soon so hurray!

3 - We've booked the wedding. Properly booked and deposit paid. The venue is amazing and we love it. It's a while off yet (2011) but it gives us breathing space to pay for it (thanks to the flat lol).

4 - I've got my wedding dress! Early, yes, but she knocked 15% off it if I bought it now. So hurray! It's lovely and I cannot wait to wear it for real! I got it on Saturday and all my friends came and loved it too - they say it was the best dress by a mile on me. And, when I tried it 2 months ago it didn't fit (zipper wouldn't go all way up) and on Saturday it did! And it fit perfectly! WAHOOOO

5 - though not official, I had a WI at my docs and I am lighter than last week (been going a lot of late) so should get a loss tomorrow. The weights are different but the difference should be similar. Woohoo!

I am so happy today! Even poopey Monday blues can't take my smile away :)

Thanks to you all for support in all the above...you're all brill xxxxxx
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Mad old Bat with Attitude
Oh congratulations Huney! On EVERYTHING! It's good to hear you SO happy!


I will succeed!!!
Oh congratulations Huney! On EVERYTHING! It's good to hear you SO happy!
Thank you!!! It felt like everything was going wrong at the same time, but equally it's all come together at the same time too. I feel so much happier than I did a month ago.

Those happy vibes are comming through loud and clear darling, its your turn to have the happy bunny for a while now so enjoy. Well done on the job but hope its not too long before you start. Love and hugs xxxx
So pleased to hear that things are on the up Sticky:D:D:D

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