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when i started cd 5months ago i measured a 44ff bra size.
today i though enough is enough and just had to get some new bras and omg i was a ................................................................................


wot a blomin difference, i cannae quite believe it!
i also went out and treated myself to some new gear for hubbys xmas party at work and all in a size 14. i was a 22 when i started.

this cetainly gave me a big boost and the encouragement i need to lose my last bit of weight although i am quite happy as i am, havent been this size or shape since about 1993. wooohooooo

so to anyone jhaving a hard time or thinking they should give up DONT because you will feel so bloody fantastic its unreal.

good luck everyone on your journeys

lynjo xx
Good Lord lady, those old bras must have been rather empty! :eek:

Fantastic achievement, well done, no wonder you're so delighted. What a lovely Christmas present to yourself.


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Wow, that is excellent. I am so happy for you, well done. Isn't clothes shopping fun now, I've just been out exercising my visa card too!
thanks ladies.

i have to say i did feel rather lost in me old 'stock'
its also really nice to be able to hold a wine glass close to me and be able to reach it rather than having my boobs as a glass stand in the way, lol

i have to say that the shopping trip was very very pleasurable and i dont think you will be able to keep me away from the jan sales

signing out a very happy and overjoyed lynjo.

PS everyone should feel this happy:D :D :D :D :D ;) its a better feeling than sex lol
Brilliant news. I cant imagine how much better your back must feel after such a reduction. Good job. I am sure you look fab in the new clothes!
That must be such a fantastic feeling ! :D Good job you decided to have some new bras ! Isn't it lovely buying new clothes ? I am trying to limit it as I am nowhere near goal but I have to have something to wear in the meantime ! ;)
woooohoaaaaaaa this must be wonderfull feeling...yepaaaaaaaaa happy for you..

really great job !!!

hope i will see for myself the same way soon ( normaly in 4/5 months )

well done to you lynjo
Well done Lynjo and thanks for the inspiration what you said about not giving up because of the wonderful feeling when you achieve your target was really uplifting.

Congratulations, really chuffed for you ....
Well done LynJo,

What a fabulous loss you've had.

Bet your shoulders feel sooooo much better now that your bust is smaller (lol).

Keep up the good work hun
well done!

in addition, size 36d bras are far far sexier/prettier styles and shapes than most 44ff ones you can buy, i'll bet?!

mine look like blooming hammocks lol
Well done that is such great news. i bet you feel great, keep it up for those last pounds