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Restart 3/9/2013
I am on day 7 - YAY

I am wearing a pair of trousers today that I bought 2 weeks ago in the sale, bought them home and couldnt get them to meet in the middle, let alone do up!!!!!! Today they are on comfortably :D

Just thought I would share. Weigh in at 7.30pm...eek!
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Cambridge Consultant
Fanbloodytastic! Thats brilliant!!


One day at a time!
What a great end to the week - hope the weigh-in keeps you smiling, it will be good to find out how much has gone. Sounds like you've lost a lot of inches too!!
I remember from doing this last year that I went from a 26 on top to an 18 top at remarkable speed, and was in size 18 trousers (from 24) in 3 months of not exactly 100%, so hoping I can get back there again!


To infinity and beyond!
You must be pleased at such a difference in a week.
Good luck for tonight's weigh in :)
Thanks. Should be back 8ish to let you all know!

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