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Words Advice - from someone who (so far) has "succeeded"


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Hello all,

Many of you, if not all, reading this will probably not know me as I haven't posted on the forum properly since around may time when I was mid way through RTM.

I started last January at around 14 stone, with extremely low self esteem and self worth and the feeling of "I'm 19 and my life might as well be over".

For anyone starting, sturggling, sailing through or just plain curious - I am so glad I completed the LL programme. It has changed my life for the better ten fold. Not only did I lose just over 5 stone, but it helped me control far more than my over eating. I'm coming up to 20 and I'm content. Never in my life would I say that! I haven't put any weight back on, and although I realise I will work at maintaining and invariably my weight will fluctuate through my life, I do not intend to put the weight back on.

My words of advise though, are don't treat this as a miracle diet, and don't feel like you're cheating or taking the easy road out. And don't take it for granted. I didn't "cheat" through abstinence and for my own piece of mind it did me wonders. I saw people dropping off because they didn't "respect" what they were doing was such an amazing, but life altering thing.

What you're doing/are going to do is hard, mentally more than anything. Be open to really looking at yourself and those things in your life that could contribute to where you are now, and start trying to address them. Its not going to be instant, but my lord its worth it when it happens.

And realise, that this isn't everything. We are everything - whats inside and WHO WE ARE. Its taken me a long time to realise this, and typical I have now, but being big didn't make me a bad person. In fact I'll got as far as saying "i'm pretty decent". I've got happiness and love to give to those people that really deserve it from me, and those who don't are the ones who have problems with themselves. Love yourself, like yourself. You DO deserve it.

Keep going - I've decided to start coming back on here after having some time out of constantly thinking about my weight, and I hope to see all of you completing your personal journeys.
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Em - so good to hear from you and how well you are doing now.

Your words are spot on. I am now starting the next phase of my LL journey and still have boundless enthusiasm for the programme and what I am achieving. I know I wouldn't be here if I hadn't respected what my long term goals are and focused on recognising, planning for and dealing with the events and emotional situations arising.

Thanks hun. xx
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Very inspiring words Emveg. It is good to hear from those who have lost the weight and are still maintaining, it helps give those who maybe wavering inspiration to continue. Well done on your loss and maintaining.


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Hey Em, I remember you from when I was just starting back in May/June!

Great to see you back and posting such inspiration!

Well done you.

Kat xx


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Hey Em!! Looking fab in those photos! Well done and huge hugs. xx
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Fantastic post - you look amazing! Your words are inspiring - many thanks :)


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Thanks for posting, it was a really uplifting post to read - and reminded me I'll get there too. Well done on your achievement - not lease keeping it off. All the best for the future.
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Hi Em

What a lovely, from the heart post. Could so relate to it.
Wise words form one so young!

You look fab in your photos - the happiness and contentment just shines out in your after photo. You go girl!
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Thats absolutely beautiful! :) Thank you for your inspirational words!
Hi Em

I thought I had replied on here, but obviously not. I stay up much later since
I lost my weight, I do get tired by midnight instead of early.
I agree with what you said. Well done for keeping on track.
Love yourself - the rest will follow.xx


Do a little dance!
S: 13st9lb C: 8st2lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 5st7lb(40.31%)
Beautifully summed up there by SB! (Looking fabulous still I see!!)

And thanks for the comments, but honestly, writing that was just theraputic to me, like closing that chapter of such little self worth to one where I AM good enough! Whoop.

Onwards and inwards ladies!


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Beautiful post - thank you. You look amazing and, more importantly, you look like you FEEL amazing :)

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