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Work colleagues bah!


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Why do they feel they are your moral guardians when it comes to food. :mad: There's a box of chocolate animal biscuits being handed around and one colleague has made the decision that "we won't offer any to Lesley because she's being good".
I'm afraid I've finally snapped and politely explained that I'll make my own choices when it comes to treats in the office.
They got all flustered and tried to assert that they were only trying to "not put temptation in my way" but I held firm and repeated that what I eat is my decision, not theirs. Feel good now x
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Good for you. I hate it when colleagues/friends play the 'food police'. I also hate the phrase 'being good' when used around food. Food is food, it's neither good nor bad (unless it's literally gone rotten!)


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That's the thing with SW, you can have those chocolate animals if you choose to and you will be "on plan" "being good" or whatever else anyone chooses to call it.

I don't like it when people say "should you be eating that on your diet" too....

You have every right to be cross!!

Atomic pink

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I have to say this is one reason why I have never told colleagues that I am on slimming world or trying to lose weight. My office is always full of biscuits and cakes and people do notice that I don't have them but it seems far less of a big deal than someone else in the office who doesn't have them because everyone knows she is on weight watchers. No-one says anything when I don't have one but she gets similar comments like "I won't offer you any" or "go on - one won't hurt".

Well done for being so assertive though! Not easy at the best of times.


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I feel your pain, your not alone out there!

I get sick to death of people at work saying that I don't eat, if only they could see the plateful of food I have for my dinner. I also have to put up with 'go on, just have one' whilst shoving something under my nose.

I've had two christmas meals with wotk and both times o chose not to eat the desert, im more of a savoury person anyway and would much rather have a starter than a desert anytime however I never heard the end of that


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It's a shame that people who mean well have no idea and can be so annoying! Grrr!xx