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Work related question.


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Hi all, I have a small problem or a rather large one depending on how you view it. One of the ladies I worked for has gone on maternity leave and the interim covering her position has to be the most negative person I have ever had to work with. He moans constantly and tries to micro manage me. Nothing but nothing annoys me more than that. Its gotten to the point now where I am not sure if I can last the six months without being extremely rude to him. There are some other factors but I was really enjoying my job until this thing started working here. He has not even been here a month and its gotten to the point where when I see him I want the earth to swallow me. Maybe its just me but in all my years of work I have never come across someone I really cannot work with until now.

Sorry for the negative vibes here but have nowhere else to go to moan myself :confused:
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Blonde Logic

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Hi hon

Can you not speak to your manager about it? That would be the first thing I would do. And I would perhaps have a direct convo with him as well?

Its horrible when change affects us in a negative way and you shouldn;t have to stomach it - particulary as he is just ona secondment.

I would definately speak up!!

Good luck - keep us posted - and NICE to see you!! :)


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You have every right to speak up. You do not have to work in an enviroment you are not comfortable with especially if it has been changed outside what your work would normally be like. If you go to a manager and make a comment, even in just talking about how uncomfortable you are now working there, they have to listen and act on it.
Sorry to hear this thing is making you miserable, we spend such a long time at work during the day it's awful if it's not tolerable.
You must tell someone at work how he is making you feel, if they don't realise what he is up to they can't help.
Is he from an agency?, can they trade him in for another temp or has he been taken on for the short term contract.?
Another reason to speak up - you don't want him taken on permanently - and every one may think he is doing a good job if you don't tell them otherwise. If he can't work as part of a team - which he's not doing if he is spending his time picking on you - then he cannot do the job properly.
Chat to all your work mates about it is well, they may not have noticed, or he may be doing the same thing to them.

And there's always us lot.
Keep us posted


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Thanks Icey, yes I need to speak to the other person I work for. I don't want to sound like prima donna either but he is awful. A real mood hoover.


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Only thing I would add, is I would talk to him first, and give him the benefit of the doubt. He won't have had chance to understand your skill-set yet, so maybe that is why he is micro-managing you - if he is an interim he has to prove he is worth his (usually considerable!) rate by achieving results.

I'd definitely have a word, explain you don't perform at your best when being micro-managed, maybe give him some examples of what you have achieved previously while being allowed your autonomy, and also give him the feedback about being negative - some people just don't know they're doing it, and no-one can change unless they are given feedback on what needs changing!

If you do that and he still continues, then yes, I would talk to another manager about it - but I definitely believe everyone deserves a chance - and he's probably feeling a bit intimidated and nervous about it all anyway :)


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Lol, thanks BL, and I guess you could say, sort of! :) I'm a director of an insurance co, having worked my way up from a call centre agent, so been managing people for most of my career really - and I'm very, very passionate about it, and still learn something new everyday when it comes to people! Shame I can't always read myself and my own situations as well though ;). xx

Come on Tange, how's it going? I'm sure we're all anxious to know you're alright, and sorted before the break, instead of dreading having to come back after the bank holiday.


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Hi Icey,

Well interesting week its been. I had a word about the negativity, not that it helped. He is one of those poeple that always has to have the last word about everything and doesn't share information either. Oh well, the rest of the team have been on the phone to me venting, crying and frustrated, so its not just me. I have decided to try and out nice him, if that does not work, he will get to see the very ultra professional me, no chit chat just work work work.
Nice long weekend coming up and believe you me I am not going to give him a second thought. :D
Thanks for thinking of me.
Good for you, don't give him a second thought, have a lovely long weekend.
Nice to know he's winding everyone else up as well and it's not just you he's upsetting.
I'm not as nice as you I'd have given him a mouthful long ago.

Have a good weekend.

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