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Work xmas party

Hi all

I need to chose what food im having at my works xmas party and I cant work out what day I should do and what to pick to keep me as much on plan as possible! Please see menue below and advise me!! I really like the idea of the pasta dish but not sure if it is a good choice or not ...

Cream of Tomato Soup Served With Home-Made Basil Bread (v)

Scottish Smoked Salmon Fillet With Avocado Parfait & Caramelised Lemon Dressing

Oriental Marinated Chicken Tian Served With Beetroot Crisps & Honey, Sesame & Orange Dressing

Palette Of Sliced Tropical Fruit With Passionfruit Syrup & Miniature Pinacolada Cocktail (v)

* * *
Classic Roasted Breast & Leg Of Dorset Turkey
‘With All The Trimmings’- Bacon Wrapped Chipolata Sausage, Apricot Stuffing, Roast Potatoes, Carrot Bundle, Cranberry Jelly & Gravy

Slow-Cooked Stuffed English Beef Brisket, Yorkshire Pudding, Roast Potatoes, Asparagus Bundle, Horseradish Cream & Red Wine Jus

Grilled Fillet Of Sea-Bass With Scented Jasmine Rice,
Steamed Bok Choi, Fresh Lime & Sweet Chilli Dressing

Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni Topped With Parmesan Sauce, Served With Greek Feta & Black Olive Salad (v)

(All Tables Are Served With Seasonal Vegetables & New Potatoes)

* * *
Classic Pecan Pie With Kumquat & Lime Compote & Dorset Clotted Cream

Crispy Meringue Nest Topped With Fresh Cream & Exotic Fruit- Served With Mango Sauce

‘Warm Italian Bread & Butter Pudding’
Panetone Bread & Butter Chocolate Chip Pudding With Chocolate Custard

Chef’s Selection Of Fine Continental Cheeses, Black Grapes, Spiced Orange & Apple Chutney, Butter & Water Biscuits

* * *
Freshly Ground Italian Coffee With Mince Pies

Really want the choccy pudding but will try to resist lol!!:p

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arctic_blonde_not_grey said:
Have what you want..... BUT don't use your syns that week to compensate for the meal out? I know that can be hard though!

I know I'd go for the salmon, cannelloni and the cheese, with quite a bit of vino?:eek:
Mmmmm sounds good! I'm definitely thinking salmon, pasta and then can't choose between cheese or choccy!
Have what you want..... BUT don't use your syns that week to compensate for the meal out? I know that can be hard though!
Really bad idea - no syns for the rest of the week is a sure fire way to fall off the wagon completely because you feel so deprived.

It's occasions like that that flexi synning is for. So work out how many syns you want to use for the day whether it is 30, 40 or 100. Count your syns as normal but stop when you get to your limit. Next day back on plan as usual with NO cutting back on syns. You may not lose that week but you can give yourself a pat on the back for staying in control.


Talks to self!
It's occasions like that that flexi synning is for.
Couldn't remember what that one was called. I know people who have reduced syns in the week leading up to a big outing though, I think it depends on whether or not you can trust yourself to do it.
I would go for what you fancy, if you only have the one christmas meal party.. and have a flexi syn day, an Extra Easy day rather than try and stick to red or green. Try extra hard to get some body magic in that week, I know you dont "earn back points" like you do on WW, but it all helps. Obvs there's the dancing away too, we'll all be up dancing after the vino! (even me, shocking!)

It says you'll have seasonal veg on the table, and potatoes - You can chuck 1/3rd of your plate full with seasonal veg, that'll help keep you on track too :)

Personally, I'd say you're no better off between the cheese or the chocolate, they look as synful as each other.. And I can't get my head around cheese plates... I'm TOTALLY a sweet gal, so I'd plump for chocolate!!! :D

Its a really nice menu, good choice Jayde's Workplace! Enjoy it!
Offering some culinary opinion (for what it's worth!)
Soup - will be made with cream and bread quite sinful
Smoked Salmon - hmm caramelisation most often involves sugar and parfait involves double cream
Oriental Chicken - honey can be used as healthy extra as can sesame seeds if used in quantity or synned, could leave the beetroot if fried
Tropical Fruit - syrup = sugar and alcohol

Turkey - it's the roasts, stuffing, sausage and gravy that's your problem
Beef Brisket - same comment as turkey
Sea-Bass - looks like just the sweet chilli is the issue
Cannelloni - cheese, cheese and more cheese! Could maybe count as 2 hexa's then add some syns for good measure

Pecan Pie - pastry, nuts, jam and the most synful cream you can have (but the best IMO :) )
Meringue Nest - probably the best despite the cream
‘Bread & Butter Pudding’ - I think we all know this is THE MOST synful!!! Pannettone is synful bread with added butter plus chocolate everywhere you look!
Cheese plate - not worth it IMO but you could have just enough to count a couple of hex's then syn some crackers. But don't think I'd stop at a little bit!

Coffee With Mince Pies - leave the mince pie claiming you don't like them - loads of people I know don't like

I'd choose either food I really want and not drink or go for the least synful food and enjoy some booze.

The other option is do both and chalk it as a one-off and get straight back on to your plan the next day. I wouldn't deprive for a week as I'd end up just writing off the whole week and go mad! :) menu sounds delicious though :)
Thanks for all the replies, I hate eating out on sw because I am crap at guessing syns! Gonna aim for an ee day and try and pick what j think is the lowest combination.

What do you think.....
Salmon then pasta? I really want the pasta!
jayde1148 said:
I really want the pasta!
Lol, have the pasta! You'll only feel deprived if you don't and end up making up for it elsewhere. Feel indulgent by having the pasta - you'll more likely stay on plan (or closer to) for the rest if the evening!
Nickinoonoo said:
Lol, have the pasta! You'll only feel deprived if you don't and end up making up for it elsewhere. Feel indulgent by having the pasta - you'll more likely stay on plan (or closer to) for the rest if the evening!
The problem is I want the pasta and the chocolate pudding! Lol! Always choose the naughty things!
Thanks for posting this, has made me think about my works' Christmas meals - I have two jobs, so this will mean two meals.

I have no idea where we will be going with the Council - last year we went to a local Italian restaurant and it was amazing!

With the bakery, we usually go to a lovely Indian restaurant on the town. It is within walking distance for us all so it's handy, and means we can all have a drink or two.

I don't think I'll be limiting myself on either of the meals. As it's a quite a rare, special occasion, I'm going to have whatever I feel like :) One thing I do know, is that from the Indian I will be having a Chicken Korma - one of the worst things on the menu! Korma is one of the only curries I like, because I don't like anything too 'tomatoey'.

I'm hoping the meals won't both be in the same week. Either way, I'm going to follow the Success Express plan for the week, and then enjoy my meals out.

Mmm, I'm looking forward to it now. Only all of October, November, and half of December left to wait lol! xx

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