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Worked once.. why not again :)

Discussion in '5:2 Fasting' started by miss14, 26 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. miss14

    miss14 Well-Known Member

    I have done 5:2 dieting before, twice, and had different experiences on both times. My first time was great - I lost about 7lbs (a lot for me, I can never stick to anything) and felt really great for it, more energy, better skin, more confident etc. I went downhill when my finals for Uni came around and I ate like a pig whilst revising, and just completely fell off the band wagon. I then spent the summer in America and put all the weight back on - and then some. Since coming back from America I tried 5:2 but wasn't sure what went wrong really, I just didn't seem to be loosing weight at all. Might have been my 'feasting' on non fast days, or I might have been under estimating my calorie intake on fast days. I since have been trying Slimming World and yo-yo a lot with it as I tend to binge and fall off the wagon. I think this time around I should do 5:2 as it's the only diet I have ever actually lost weight on. Also, I know that quite a lot of people do 5:2 when they have not got a huge amount to loose (I realistically have about a stone to loose, would love 1 and a 1/2) SOOOO here goes nothing! Only decided this morning so my first fasting day is going to be tomorrow. I'm going to have 3 days fasting this week, Thursday, Saturday and Monday to give myself a bit of a boost. Would love to hear anyone else's stories or how they are getting on :)

    Good luck everyone!
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  3. Rachgleeson

    Rachgleeson Well-Known Member

    Would love to go to America, the food always looks so good! ! Probably wouldn't fit on the plane home though ( bad enough going lol)

    Hope your first fast this time around goes well. X

    Sent from my GT-I8190 using MiniMins.com mobile app
  4. Twinrix

    Twinrix Well-Known Member

    I really wish you well on your weight losing journey. Just hang-in there, it will work for you this time as well. We can support each other, that's why I am here. You are welcome to follow me at [h=3]Stefan - Still far way to go[/h]
  5. soshbfly

    soshbfly Well-Known Member

    Welcome Miss14 - looks like we're starting the same time with slightly similar goals! I'm excited to see how it goes. My only concern is around my energy level as I work out quite a lot.

    Rach - America is worth the visit and not knowing your shape, I'd just say that I was around your weight ~15 years ago and am an inch shorter and I fit (needed a seat-belt extender, but managed in the seats :) Congrats on your loss to date! You can treat yourself to a trip to the US when you get to goal - something nice to look forward to :)
  6. Rachgleeson

    Rachgleeson Well-Known Member

    That would be a nice goal. :) I can't see your weight on my phone but I am guessing you lost most of it? Well done to you :)

    Sent from my GT-I8190 using MiniMins.com mobile app
  7. soshbfly

    soshbfly Well-Known Member

    Hi Rach, yes I lost quite a bit (100lbs) a long time ago. I only put my starting weight going into Dukan in 2011 as that' the weight I was at for a long while (11 years before going on Dukan). That was 11 years without a diet!
  8. Rachgleeson

    Rachgleeson Well-Known Member

    Wow 100lb, that's amazing. You must feel great. I lost about 70lb a few years back but put it all back on. Medication is now making it hard :(

    Sent from my GT-I8190 using MiniMins.com mobile app
  9. Crazyfool

    Crazyfool Well-Known Member

    Hello and good luck x
  10. Twinrix

    Twinrix Well-Known Member

    I love travelling to America and often I lose weight there ... might be that I go to Hawaii??

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