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Working Around Food?

Does anyone on here work with or around food all day? I've just started working at a pub and I'm around food all day long and it's starting to drive me slowly mad!
All the really hot, really lovely pub food that is definately bad for you but smells and looks delicious! Help guys! How am I going to cope???
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yep, have worked in catering for 8 years and done SW on and off for about 4, I take my own food and make sure i have fruit within easy reach and celery and carrots etc cut up, plus i always save a jacket potato with beans for my lunch
I work in a hotel. It drives me mad sometimes when I see everyone else tucking in to the food! I agree I always have a handbag full of fruit, hifi bars and mug shots just incase x
Maybe if you spend some time in the kitchen seeing how its cooked you'd fancy it less? Couldn't eat fiah & chips for years after working in a chippy & seeing how stuff was cooked!
Ye I tell myself that because I know how its all made, but it means I don't get a break from the bar like everyone else because I don't have an excuse to hide in the kitchen :p
I don't work with food, but I have to feed my SU! He always has fruit and yogurt for a snack, then his breakfast like beans on toast/bacon and egg whatever, then elevenses of coffee and biscuits, then lunch, tea and supper.

So I have to make sure I have brought food similar to what he will be eating, sometimes I buy him food that I've brought.
The killer is every other friday as he has lunch out, and I do have jacket potato and beans but I'd much rather have omelette and chips lol
I've been told you eventually don't see it as food and I'm hoping it's true! Been really bad the last 3 days but today I WILL be better! Not perfect but better would be a start!
The only upside is I'm running round like an idiot for 8 hours solid so hoefully I'll be burning off at least a fraction of the cals lol
My OH is a manager at Pizza Hut and I do the occasional shift there as a waitress...it's difficult to not want to eat the pizzas and starters but I just eat the syn free food on the salad bar on my breaks. I love pizza too :-(
I've been very good today, gone a little over syns but it could have been so much worse and tbh the leftovers are making me feel a little queasy. People are so disgusting too!
We run a pub/ restaurant and I just tell myself that it's not food, I know it sounds stupid but it's the same as when I worked in banking.... money was just paper.
If I feel hungry I eat from the salad section but usually I just drink loads of diet pop or soda water with fresh fruit in.
I found that when i used to work in a hotel as a waitress (before SW) i got sick of seeing food. it was all about sunday lunch, pies and deserts. i couldnt wait to have some fresh fruit salad after looking at all the stodgy fatty foods. and surprisingly i didnt put on any weight at all. it was when i left my job that i put all the weight on. x

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