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working from home - dodgy or kosher?


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I have been looking on gumtree for jobs and have been sent some information regarding a data entry job. Basically it says:

You will be processing applications and orders from people responding to ads for a home based online information products business placed by you, which will be explained to you in the training materials.

I have to pay a one off fee for £5.00 to recieve all the online training etc etc but am wondering whether this is too good to be true and Im guessing it is commission based??

Has anyone ever had an experience of working from home and working with companies like this?

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sounds dodgy-they haven't even given you any proper info. If you pay them they may get your bank details.Scams usually ask for small amounts so that people aren't too suspicious of a hefty lay out.There have been quite a few scams on Gumtree. I had been searching for a puppy and contacted a few advertisers . One sent me a photo of a pup on a acar. The dog was superimposed onto a magazine type cutout of a car.Told me they had moved and I needed to send cash to transport it.I reported it and the advert was removed. Unless its a national firm you can verify I'd keep clear of these offers.


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There is a motto I heard once and it stayed with me and that is if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. (SW excepted of course :D)


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Never ever pay for anything like this - usually a scam.
It sounds very dodgy indeed and I would not consider it for a moment.

If you are not sure about things like this, the way to find out what other people are saying about it is to take a section of the text, put it in quotation marks, and google it.

For instance, I googled this:

"You will be processing applications and orders from people responding to ads"

from what you told us, and got quite a lot of results. Try it.


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never pay for anything - this is DEFINITELY dodgy!!!

keep hunting for a job - but try more reputable sites such as Reed or Monster xxx


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It's a scam. But not a bad money-making idea - put an ad on Gumtree (not sure if you have to pay for ads on the site), get say 1000 people to send you a fiver and hey-presto, you've made £5000 for doing absolutely nothing. And a fiver isn't much, so you probably won't get reported as it's too much hassle.
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- the last time i used gumtree i was looking for a hairdressing job. I applied for what i thought was a job going in a brand new salon, opening soon in the centre of bristol. Turns out me and a girl i trained with where going for the same job. I had tonnes of contact with the person who advertised the job via e-mail, but then little odd things started happening.. i wouldnt recieve e-mails back and then get one out of the blue asking if i was still interested as they hadnt recieved anything from me in over a week? even though i knew it had been sent.. the address for the new salon, couldnt find it anywhere, spent ages driving around bristol.. etc

then she cancelled two interviews... and asked me to travel to bath as that was were she was staying whilst she attened some important events or somthing. . i didnt go, but the girl i was training with did.Turns out it was a home address. Turned out very nasty.

Will never touch gumtree again.

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