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Working out weights/portions.


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I'm afraid I would just run straight out and get another battery. I cannot be without my scales!!!

I think that a level tablespoon (15ml) is 15g however, don't quote me on that one!


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I use a standard sized mug to work out my rice I use a 1/4 cup per person. so for 4 ppl one mug. I do 2 handfuls of shaped pasta for me and 3 for the rest of them. When I serve up I use the same principle using a serving spoon, giving myself less spoons of pasta. Works out about right. You can see I have a 1/3rd less pasta than the rest of them. Depending on your cheese your looking at about a matchbox size for normal cheese, healthy eating I go by rule of about centimetre width cut off the end. I measured it once and it was slightly teeny bit below weight for healthy eating cheese. Cereal I use weetabix cos can have 2 and takes the guess work out of it.


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Typical indeed! lol

A ramekin of cereal is about 30gm in most cereals (that I've tried it with), so a 'not quite full' ramekin would be about right for most.

Are you on original days? If you do Green or EE you wont need to weigh your pasta.

CHeck our your book for 'grab 'n' go' healthy extras. For when you don't have time to weigh...


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I have 28g of muesli. It is 2 very level dessert spoons but I still weigh it (and then eat an extra nut or two!!)


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I also agree, get a battery soon!
Someone in our group has weighed the cereal she eats, and she keeps empty yogurt cups with a markings for the exact weight, so she uses that instead of weighing each time. She says it's so much less hassle.
I don't weigh much, as I don't eat cereals and am doing EE so don't need to weigh pasta or rice etc. but they are there if I need them.


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God I would be lost without my scales. I like the suggestion above about using the grab and go options til you can replace the battery. Nightmare!!!


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That's clever, Kissme ;-)


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Yep, go grab some batteries quick fast!!! In the meantime here's what I've found to be good non scale measures

Level 1/4 cup of porridge = 1oz
Level 1/4 cup of bran flakes = 1oz
2 tbsp muesli = 1oz
As for cheese I always get those 30g pick & mix ones from M&S

If you can't get a set of batteries soon then you can stick with things like Alpen light cereal bars, toast, weetabix, oatso simple, ryvita etc as your HEBs...

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