Working up to the restart!


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Hello all,
Happy New Year!:)
You may remember me from last year..I managed to lose 18lbs in 3 weeks before i came off thinking i could do the rest with slimming world...sadly not, here i am with the weight back on and more besides:wave_cry:
Gosh this eating lark is sooo tough!! I felt so positive last time i really felt i could do it!!
I have one weeks supply from last time and have planned all along to restart on monday 4th Jan. Now that time is approaching i'm so scared...scared that i won't manage a day (as I like to think a day at a time lol) not to mention the 'journey'. I know it works i've seen the results and read lots of inspirational stories on here (not to mention the pics) i've been reading the posts all evening hoping to get myself in the right frame of mind! I've eaten so much over christmas and i feel really fat, will be hopping on the scales in the morning to check out the damage oouch!
Why, oh why do we do this to ourselves?? I've just got back from a lovely holiday with my family and for the first time i have not joined in on lots of things...partly because i feel so tired and unable not to mention the way i look!
Sorry i know i'm rambling on, i know lt works, i'm just is everyone else ?? xx
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Heya pet,

Im back again too, I lost 2st 4lb last year between June & August. Ive regained 11lb but then I wasnt at goal when I stopped TFR.

I want to lose just under 2st now........... a bit nervous about re-starting but strangely looking forward to it too.

Hope all goes well for you too!!


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Hi Slimmer
I remember you from last Theresa, I have put on some weight...thankfully not all that I lost, but 2 stone, so I had to nip it in the bud.

Go for it..why let youself suffer any more!! Take the bull by the horns and go for you say one day at a time!

I am on Day side effects whatsoever...oh, apart from the bad breath starting, but I can cope with that and it doesnt last too long with me!! Means I am getting into ketosis..hopefully soon!

We are all here for each other, as I reckon most on here now are offending re-starters ;-)!!!! Sadly, but maybe this time we will nail it and not have to come back again.

Let us know what you decide, but if I were you, I wouldnt put it off any longer.


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Hi slimmer (and scots...!) I'm back too, been off this for about a month and put on 1 stone. Most of which was over the 2 week holiday. Totally my own fault, ate exactly what i wanted, so I'm not suprised. Anyway, I'm now 14.1, and would like to be 11.7. My start date is tomorrow - I'm back at work and back into the routine, so I'll be with you all full time - your motivation is inspiring and helped me loose the 4 stone first time around !!

Happy new year to everyone !!!. xxx

mrs bee

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I'm back again too ang much like you I am having doubts as to whether I will stick to it as I did the 1st time around!

Positive thinking in order I think!! Good luck xx


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Yes come on ladies positive thinking, i'm sure all us restarters felt the same when deciding to go back on LT. I did but knew if i didn't try then i would just go on putting on the weight and getting more and more unhappy. I was told the other day by my lovely supportive mother....NOT, that this was a stupid time of year to go on a diet!!?? Well i think it is the best time to go on one as i have never been so sick of eating as i was after xmas and boxing day. I'm sure this helped me with this 1st week. Good luck everyone we will do it!!


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I know what you mean about reading everyones posts to boost you... Im going to start again tomorrow.. I was going to try and do it the normal way but i know the results with this.. and im only going to do a month to boost me!

Best of luck with starting again!

Getting Slimmer

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Reading everyone's post is such a boost. Re-started today after taking a small break for a minor gynae op and crimbo. I started on 26 July 2009 at 13 stone 11lbs and my last weigh in was on the 14 December 2009 at 10 stone 11.5lbs. Getting weighed tomorrow, but can't say I'm looking foward to it. Getting back to work will be good to help with the motivation.

Good luck everyone.


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Hi ladies im on it as well as of tomorrow! Good luck to everyone chat with u all soon xx


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thankyou guy's for all your supporting and encouraging posts (as always :)) I think this is the best time of year to tfr because well for me not alot is happening...summer is a time for picnics, day trips and holidays with the children, which makes it a dam site harder!!
hubby and i were thinking of booking a holiday abroad late May and were talking dates tonight...i'm thinking that might be just the incentive i need.
Just had my last supper (so to speak) i'll be here tomorrow night with my rumbling tummy and big jug of water to keep my hands busy !! Good luck ladies we'll do it together xxx