Works Christmas meal in 3 weeks !!


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How am I going survive it!! :confused:

I should be coming to the end of my AAM week then.

Its funny I was so looking forward to it as we havent had one for ages, and now its looming I am dreading it as i dont want to blow my diet!! :eek:

I cant get out of it.

What am I going to do :confused: any survival tips welcome please.

Deb x
The only thing I can recommend is to just eat meat and a small amount of veg or salad. This should keep u in ketosis and shouldn't effect your weightloss too much. It will be the carbs (like potatoes) that will make you gain weight as you will retain water. Hope this helps x
Probably get shot for even suggesting, but last year I had Pate for starter (left the toast) turkey for main, just ate the meat and veg, cheese for dessert, which you probably wont be able to manage. Plenty of fizzy water and dance your butt off, I still lost weight that week, stayed in Ketosis.

Most people are too interested in their own dinner and getting drunk, if like the people I work with they get too drunk to notice you haven't eaten that much and are on water.
Oh no!! I am a veggie ! so wont be having any meat.

I wonder if the place would make me something special if I got in touch before hand, would probably think I was a pain in the rear though!!

Cripes what am I going to do ???
is it just a meal or will there be dancing and stuff? you could turn up late and miss a lot of the meal then you will still get there but wont compromise your diet.
Just a quiet meal for 6. No dancing or anything like that. I wont be drinking as I will be driving.

I wonder if I could turn vegan for the day ?? think that would help ?? (probably not..most good chefs can do wonderful veggie and vegan foods these days, but they are always loaded with carbs).

I think I am going to email them tomorrow and see if they can do me a very very low carb veggie meal !!!

People have special dietary arrangements all the time, so hope they can do for me.