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Lard Arse

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Hi all

I have a works meal coming up on Thursday, wasn't going to go but I've organised it so I've kinda been bullied into it. I have decided to eat what I want on the night and am actually quite looking forward to it now but I'm also nervous about the effect such rich food will have on my stomach/bowels. Has anyone else gone from eating nothing to eating a rich meal and suffered the consequences? I don't mind if I get an upset stomach once I'm home but I'm dreading having one while I'm out. Did you manage to make it home before thing got out of control?

Sorry, not really a pleasant thread but not quite sure if I should start to introduce food from tonight or not.

Thanks for any replies. xx
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Hi there,
I am not really sure what to advise as not been in this position yet but it may be sensible to have a little something tonight? I would guess that rich foods could turn your belly a bit and it obviously depends on what it is and how sensitive you are to it? Tricky one, maybe something in your belly tonight will settle it a bit and milk before you go out helps keep a calm belly.

Enjoy your night off x


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Not sure what best to advise as you have been on CD quite a while so I would have thought your stomach would have shrunk a bit, as well as it not being used to rich foods.

What type of meal is it? If you have decided to go for it then I guess you will just have to take the chance that your stomach doesn't react badly too quickly, but careful choices would probably help quite a bit. Hope you enjoy yourself x

Lard Arse

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S: 16st1lb C: 10st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 21.1 Loss: 5st8lb(34.67%)
Oooh another Tara, don't see many of those :talk017:
We're off to a bistro so it's 3 courses, goats cheese tart starter, turkey dinner for main and some sort of cheesecake for desert. I don't expect to be able to eat much of it but reckon whatever I do eat my stomach will object to. Have decided to test it out tomorrow night while I'm at home and see how it goes.
Thanks for your replies.