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worried about dinner tonight

as I am going to a friends house for one of our girly nights in. She's brought some frozen pizzas and a cheesecake for dinner. I don't feel I can't eat it now she has brought it, but I'm worried about putting weight back on and undoing my hard work.

I didn't have any syns yesterday and I've not had so far today, but that still wont cover it.

I dont think there is any way around it :( how badly do you guys think it will slow me down? :cry:
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That's a real shame.

Does she know you are following SW? If she does then perhaps you could explain that it really doesn't fit into the plan and either eat before you go or take something of your own. I know it's hard and I can't resist pizza but its a bit of a no no! Eat before you go and take lots of sin free nibbles, carrot sticks etc to munch on while you chat.

A slice of pizza is about 12 syns so it's not even worth going there tbh! If you did have pizza then you may still lose this week, you shouldn't put on with one evening off but you may not lose much.
Hope this helps a little. xx


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dont worry too much i had a 10 inch pizza from the takeaway ate it all and still lost 1lb this week , i weighed it it worked out about 6 syns a slice for a chicken pizza so if you maybe limit yourself to a couple of slices and 1 of cheesecake here are some syns for basic pizza ect hope it helps
Pizza, Ham & pineapple 100g

Original 13 Syns
Green 13 Syns

Pizza, Meat feast 100g

Original 13 Syns
Green 13

Pizza, Pepperoni 100g

Original 13 Syns
Green 13

Pizza, Spicy chicken 100g

Original 12 Syns
Green 12 Syns

Cheesecake, toffee 28g

Original 5½ Syns
Green 5½ Syns

Cheesecake, fruit 28g

Original 3 Syns
Green 3

Cheesecake, chocolate 28g

Original 5 Syns
Green 5 Syns

theses were the only cheesecakes i could find
enjoy x
She doesn't know I am on the plan as I wasn't when we arranged the event. I don't want to look like a spoil sport by not joining in, but pizza is the worst choice ever. It would have been OK if we could have got a takeaway... :(

I guess I'll just have to learn for next time and tell her I'll eat at home before I come from now on. Hopefully if I keep at it for the rest of the week I'll lose something at the next weigh in, even if it's only a small amount.


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Jezebel, I'm not sure if that's right. 100g and 28g are tiny! Your average mini-cheesecake is over 100g - so you're talking 4 times more than the syns you've given. A deep pan pizza can have 15 syns in one slice. (And I'm sure there's threads on here with scary numbers for pizzas). I'm always happy to be put right on these things (especially if it's about pizza!)

Jenny, why not allow yourself a flexible syn day? As I understand it, you set yourself a larger limit than normal and once you eat that amount of syn, you stop. It's allowing you to "pig out" without going overboard. Do your research, find out what sort of syns you can expect to be eating, how many you're happy with eating, and then work out your total. Course, you don´t have to eat it all!!!!

The wise women of the board have explained more about flexible syns on other threads if you want a search.


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hya just took it from syns on line sw website under the basic foods section thought it was right coz it was on there not sure my consultant said the pizza i had from takeaway 10 inch chicken was about 45 syns it was cut into 8 pieces i weighed i piece it was 50g lol would prob avoid pizza anyway if you can but if you cant now and again not the end of the world lol
I think I will have to flexi syn it, I just would rather have been able to stick to the plan 100%. I had a good loss this week, but I'm not sure I'll lose anything after any pizza at all. When I did the diet before the first 10lbs came off easily, but getting more off was a v-e-r-r-y slow process.

I'm just going to have two pieces of pizza and one piece of the cheesecake, and will make my excuses from now on!
Just about to leave for pizza night. All I can do is enjoy it and keep my fingers crossed. I had some couscous earlier so hopefully I can stick to my limit. :) Thanks for the help

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