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Extra Easy Worried about gaining while on holiday...

We are going away for 4nights in a caravan soon and im really worried about gaining :(

Ive been trying to think of "easy" foods to cook & eat while we are away as we all know the ovens in these caravans take forever to cook something lol

Id be really grateful if anybodys got any tips (if you've been on holiday while on the diet) :D

Obviously im going to be more active while on holiday so im hoping that helps too, going to be doing lots of swimming & walking :D
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Definately follow EE, plan, take the foods you can and enjoy your holiday.

I ALWAYS gain on holiday, for me food is a big part of holidays and I enjoy it but you can be good on hols if you want to be, I've seen people at group who come back having lost or sts.

Fruit, salads, meat (barbie), cous cous, noodles, pasta, rice dishes with tuna and veg added. It can be done!

Enjoy it though, holidays are there for that, we don't get them too often so make the most of it!


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cant say i have gained while on holiday as i never go on holiday :p

but the best i can offer is be sensible and make wise choices and enjoy your holiday
Last time I was away in my caravan I prebaked a load of potatoes and then all I have to do was heat them up on a low oven for about 15mins. I also took plenty of baked beans and quorn sausages. Eggs are good, easy and free.
For a family spag bol without the hassle you could use a jar of dolmio light - I find a 500g jar does my family of 6 - about 1.7 syns when divvied up.
Have a good think about what sort of things you could eat/want to eat. Planning is the key!


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I seem to be able to lose on holiday. I have more time to be active and no work stress! Tho it's probably cos I have no access to the fridge when we're away!
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Try and keep it simple, do EE and try and plan your meals before you go. pasta and quorn mince can be made into so many different types of meals and are quick. Ready cooked chicken is free if you take the skin off on Red and EE too. Main thing is to enjoy your hols.


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Hi there,

I was in Cuba for weeks in June/July & I'll be honest & say I was paranoid about how much I'd gain (all those all inclusive cocktails!! :p) The thing is you don't want to obsess over food whilst you're away, enjoy yourself & just do as best you can.

When I came back I'd (amazingly) lost 6.5lbs but like you say I was more active,swimming etc etc so I'm sure that will also work in your favour.

Enjoy your time away :)
Thanks for all the good advice girls :)

I think i'll sit down the weekend & plan all our meals for the week, it will make it so much easier then I wont be tempted to pick foods which will be syns!! lol

Thanks x


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Hi i went to my mums van for 2 or 3 days cant remember tbh but i had for breakfast was cereal (syned or hexb) or had bacon egg mush and beans didnt take long tbh

lunch was either sandwich if had hexb left with ham salad or blt or super noodles as for tea either pasta dinner with what eva you wanted i brought tesco stewing steak in gravy (canned) which is free and that dont take long with mash list are endless and dont forget your pasta n sauce if you peckish cos i was starving at night near the sea.

good luck hope you enjoy yourself :D

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