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Worried about my birthday


Getting her sparkle back
Hi everyone!
This is going to sound completely bonkers...
It's my birthday on Thursday and i'll be at work. I work in an office with 2 other people, and have only told my workmate/friend that i'm on LL but haven't told my boss.
I'm working tomorrow, then have two days off, then back to work on my birthday. I know it sounds silly but i'm really worried my boss will buy me a birthday cake!
I've only been on LL a week, and really dont want to cheat during abstinence. I spoke to my parents about it and they just told me to eat a little bit of cake (if he does buy me a cake) then skip a pack, but the thought actually brought me to tears! I've got so used to just eating LL stuff that i'm worried that if I cheat once, i'll keep on cheating. Feel like I should bring it up on Monday...but it's not the sort of thing that naturally comes up in conversation! :eek:

How has anyone else dealt with the similair situations?
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Gotta Make A Change
just tell the boss straight up on monday that you are on a strict diet tell him what it entails and that will be all your worries gone :)


Playing the Angel
Don't eat the cake, its just not worth it!!! Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels honey. it is not worth going out of ketosis for a teeny bit of cake. If it helps I was on abstinence on my birthday last year and still had a lovely time - 4 shakes and some sparkling water with st clements flavouring in a champagne glass :)

Be strong

pretend to eat it!

- take a slice, break a bit off it, pretend to put some in your mouth chew, say 'yum yum' etc - carry it around a bit - nip to the loo/bin etc get rid of it

easy peasy

believe me - everyone else will be far too busy stuffing their faces to even notice what you are doing. I did it a hundred times.

this way you don't need to explain anything to anyone you don't want to, you don't offend anyone and you don't have to fend off all the questions and 'friendly advice' of saboteurs!

daisy x
just say no.

You are doing this for yourself. Do you want to have Birthdays in the future? Do you want lots of them? If so you need to be healthier to live longer. Cake now could mean a backwards step which could leave to abandoning your current LL progression. You do that and you may loose the will to shift the weight and become healthier.

I would rather loose a year now to add on potential healthy extra years later.

Saying no is pretty much why we are as we are and are posting on this forum.

If we had more control of our lives....I do not mean just eating less and exercising more...I mean being happier and confident and driving the car of our life as opposed to being passengers to the wishes of others and the voices in the back of our heads, then we would be able to have some cake now and then and wouldnt have to worry to much as we would have everything else in balance.

This time next year, as the new you you will be able to have the birthday you want, but you will be able to plan around it to make sure that celebration is a celebration and noit just run of the mill.

I personally look forward to the day when a take-away is a treat and not just habit. That monthly pizza/curry whatever will be because of a birthday/leaving etc etc and not just because I cant be bothered to cook, or I am tired.

How often did I eat cake or a pudding or a sweet? I would say several times a week, that is no celebration, its the norm. Surely you should do something special on a birthday like eat cake, not the norm. I am sure next years cake will taste even better and will be special becuase it will be huge gaps between eating something like that.

Think about next year and all the years ahead and you wont want it.


Determined to succeed
It was my birthday 2weeks ago and i got thru it. Just think - say no to the cake this year and then if you really want too - you will be at target next year and can have a little piece if you want to.

Dont let a little piece of cake ruin your journey.

Remember foundation is all about boundaries and learning to say no - and most importantly about being 100% abstinent 100% of the time. Good luck x
good luck!


Getting her sparkle back
Thank you all so much for the support and advice!
I think those not on lighter life, don't release that a piece of cake isn't just a piece of cake...if that makes sense! It sounds so easy to 'just have a small piece', but I know it would affect how proud I feel for sticking through abstinence so far.

I can't wait for my birthday next year as it'll be my 21st so the thought of having a big party with me wearing a slinky dress is definitely keeping me motivated!

At work today my boss offered me a malteser and I said no, my workmate who is an angel and knows how much i've been worrying lately said 'hannah can't eat them', and he said why? I said 'oh i'm on Lighter Life' (didn't want to make a big deal of it), he changed the subject and we didn't mention it again. Then as we were leaving he said 'oh who is bringing the cake in on thursday', and I offered to bring one in but said I wouldn't eat it. So problem solved in the end :) Have my fudge nut bar to treat myself instead!


Determined to succeed
Good girl. You wil feel sooooooo much better when u come home thurs night and havent cheated. Trust me it will be worth it. Just keep thinking little slinky dress next year :D
well done hun!;)


Determined to succeed
OMG just back from classs. Last nite of foundation and i had 4.5lb off - so guess wot - i got my 5st. I am absolutely delighted. 5st and also in the 13's now. I just think i am amazing :8855::8855::8855:


Determined to succeed
Flex - wow on 6lb off tonight. Well done:grouphugg:
OMG just back from classs. Last nite of foundation and i had 4.5lb off - so guess wot - i got my 5st. I am absolutely delighted. 5st and also in the 13's now. I just think i am amazing :8855::8855::8855:
tip top

really well done, you must be so pleased.

I am pleased that someone in e-land I dont know has done something so amazing as it reaffirms what I am doing.

awesome and thank you for your encouraging ways
Flex - wow on 6lb off tonight. Well done:grouphugg:
Ta it was more than I was expecting, was hoping for 3, but to double it was fantastic.

Hoping for another 3 at next week, wont be disapointed if not, I will just have to get up and keep going.

thanks for the hugs


Getting her sparkle back
It's my birthday today :)
happy 20th (is that right?).


I barely remember mine (and it was only 7 years ago). So good that you are making a difference when you still have some youth ahead.

I wish I had done it when I was at uni, half of the problem of why I was so sad at uni was weight related.

You'll have some cracking 21st pics next year.

all the best for a non-celebratory birthday tonight


(didnt dare put the smiley with the cake as it might set you off :p)


Determined to succeed
Happy b'day hanmac.

Flex you are going to be at target in no time at all :D

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