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Worried about not being successful on CD.


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I'm due to start CD SS in over a month and I am so excited :D I've dieted in the past and whilst I've been successful on some occasions, I eventually give up and the weight goes back on plus more. Having reached the heaviest weight I have ever been, I realise I must take action but I'm so worried it's going to be the same story. This time I really do want it and feel that by taking food out of the equation, it'll be more bearable. I usually give up on other diets as I do not get quick results and give up or I'll eat too much, but I'm hoping it will be completely different with CD. I'm only 17 (18 next month) and really want to be the confident, happy person my weight stops me from being. I've seen how many lives CD has changed and I just hope that I can be one of them and finally look forward to doing the things teenagers my age do. I'm just worried, I won't be able to do it.
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If you want it enough then you will do it!
CD works, if you let it!

Good luck and get your motivations clear in your head ready for your journey.

Hi I am only on my starting my fourth week and have already lost a stone. I didnt think it would be easy in fact i thought I would fail at the first hurdle but to be quite honest it aint that bad!! I still go out with the girls the only difference being I'm the one the next day without the hangover!! I also cant beleive how much support I have ad from friends and family which has been even better on the comments I have already received with only 1 stone off!!! I have a lng way to go but trust me once you initially lose the determination to make yourself proud will kick in!:p


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Thanks :) I've been unhappy about my weight for some time and can't wait to finally do something about it. The problem with the other diets is I lose determination as the losses are so slow. I'm really determined to get to goal on CD, I just get so worried that my losses will be really slow or I won't lose at all. I suppose that is a fear I will just have to get over and prove myself wrong by fully committing to CD :) x


Cambridge Consultant
Hey hon ..
just to say cd is a fab diet....... and stick with it whilst doing it go up the plans when you have got near to your target or when you are advised to by your cdc and you will be fine and look fantastic and feel confident as you want to hon .
Good luck x
You sound like I did before I first started this diet. I was almost convinced that I would be the only person that CD didn't work for-that my losses would be really slow and I would lose motivation yet again. Of course that didn't happen. Somehow I found the right mindset that had been missing all along with every other diet I'd been on and the will to succeed. I'm in week 11 now and I can honestly say I've never been happier. Every other diet I've done I've felt that I've been depriving myself, but strangely not with CD. It's not easy by any means, but get through the first few days and it's honestly not hard at all. Although it's a few months away I can see my goal clearly in sight. :) Good luck with the diet.

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