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Worried and upset


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Ok basically I live up on the moors and our little village is snowed in. A bus got stuck as there are two hills to go up to get out.

There is no way i can get to my appointment tomorrow as its two buses to get there (our car is off the road). So i phoned my advisor and she said she was going to post them to me, as no one could get in safely or else she would have dropped them round. But my worry is this, we had no post today because of the snow and tomorrow is meant to be worse.

So...I've had to plan for spacing my shakes out (as I only have today left) which means I have had to make a decision to have a refeeding meal tonight.

I just came back from a two mile round trip to the nearest farmshop (walking), as the asda van wont get in for a delivery,i'm so tired and had enough of the snow that im feeling quite weepy and upset.

Loads of cars parked at the bottom of the hill because they can't get up it, so I have no hope of getting a taxi either. i am gutted.

Will I have to go through the carb starvation feeling again? I've done so well and now I just feel that no matter what I do in life a brick wall always comes up to stop me.

I will go straight back on it, and I have planned very carefully the refeeding diet so I'm hoping this week i will have just stayed the same and not put any on. :(:cry:
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I know how you feel, I might have the same problem as I might not be able to get there tomorrow, but I have 3 shakes for tomorrow, so if at a push I could go Wed morning.
It looks like you will have to go to re-feed if they dont arrive, but stick to chicken and green veg and hopefully it wont take you out of ketosis.
Chin up hun.
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thankfully i dont have to go untuill wednesday where i hope it will be clearer am feeling sorry for ya though not right fair


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why dont you just miss a shake instead of having a meal and possibly coming out of ketosis?!


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dont be sad hun! you KNOW your going back on it, you KNOW your not "cheating" and you KNOW theres nothing you can do! I say enjoy ya meal tonight and get back on the horse as soon as possible :)
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oh dear.. horrible snow... if you have to eat, just dont eat any carbs and you should stay in ketosis.. good luck and hope the weather clears for you soon x


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thats not good this weather i lovely if you dont have to go no where pity no one on here lives near you to lend you a few
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If ya run out of shakes until then, have some chicken and some veg but I do hope it gets sorted out for ya as ya are doing very well.


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Im really sorry to hear that chick!!

But I think everyone is right, dont eat carbs and you should be fine!!

I hope it doesnt snow here tomorrow now so i can get up to get mine, Ive to drive about 20 miles...

Let us know how u get on :)
Hey hun you will be fine - I was worried when I had to do re-feed meals due to the medicine I was on, but it has not harmed my weight loss at all, in fact I think it has given it a boost! I am still in ketosis after 3 days of having re-feed meals, and am feeling better due to the tablets being able to work properly on me. You are planning well and that is the main thing, you know that you will be back on it properly as soon as you are able.


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Thankyou everyone, i hope I didnt come across as a spoilt brat when so many people are suffering in this weather. Its just I had come back from a walk which was hell, and feeling quite tearful. I am not going to look at it as failing, just continuing but putting food into my body instead of the shakes.

I did think about speading the shakes out but with two small kids and a house to run, also still being a bit tired I don't think I could cope with just 2 a day, and that would only see me till tomorrow night.

As long as i don't put on weight, then I am still a winner....thankyou all for being here :)
Demaris have a look at atkins diet website which has full lists of low to no carb food on it...aslong as you avoid cards then you should stay in ketosis

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