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worried now

You should not really count tea and coffee as part of your water intake. The BMA recommend 8 large glasses of water per day as a minimum- so erring on the low side that would be 8 half pints or 2 litres. Cambridge recommend 2.5 litres per day in addiion to shakes, and Lighter Life 4 litres per day in addition to shakes/tea/coffee. The main reason for this is to replace water you are not getting from food- most foods are significantly made up of water, so remember your basic water intake is greatly reduced if you are sole sourcing. I have done both LL and Cambridge and had no problem with 5 litres of water per day, and I still do this even though I am now on Cambridge. If you are really worried, stick religously to your 2.5 litres (plus shakes/tea/coffee) by measuring it out. On the whole more water = better weight loss, better skin and better functioning kidneys, and cases such as the one today are pretty rare- it could be all of the water was taken in a short period. Sip all day long, don't glug all at once!

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Hi Nessa

Please don't worry the article is aimed at over excessive water, if you are drinking anything between 2-6 litres per day you'll be fine....

coffee is a diuretic & will make your kidneys work harder if you drink too much of that!.... just continue with the amount of H20 you have been & you'll be ok, try not to worry yourself....xx

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