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Discussion in 'Orlistat (Xenical)' started by Cityredgirl, 23 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. My colleague made some chilli and rice for the communal meal at work, He served me a plate , I asked how much oil he used and if it was lean mince, He said he didnt use much oil and it was lean mince, So i tucked in but a fe mouthfuls in i felt so worried and guilty it would lead to Orange-gate that i din't finish it..I then went and made myself vomit it all back up :/ , I know it isnt the answer i was just worried incase it had too much fat and didnt want to suffer the consequence tomorrow.. Will the fat still have absored in the 10minutes this all happened? :( I have no plans to do this again, i was just caught up in the panic mode :(
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  3. kae

    kae gunna be a fatty for ever

    ooooh noooo you really shouldnt have made your self sick hun!! DId u take a tablet? If it was only in your stamach 10 mins you should get any side effects! You wouldnt really have got any anyway if it was lean mince. it is over the 5/100g rule but it wouldnt really matter tbh!

    Please dont make your self sick again! its really not good for your body

    love katie
  4. Thank you Katie, Yes i had taken the pill, And i was really enjoying it but the sauce reminded me of the orange oil we all know and don't love....so i freaked out with worry, especially because im going to see p!nk tomorrow night so didnt fancy orange wind.. Im daft i know, I have had this problem before :( not on xenical but just with struggling with my weight in general.Thank you for replying xx
  5. kae

    kae gunna be a fatty for ever

    ooh wow your going to see pink!! where is she at?

    hope you dontget any effects!! im sure u wont tho!!

    have a fab time!!

  6. skyegirl

    skyegirl Full Member

    Never, never, never make yourself vomit, this is far worse than any xenical side effect, I'm sure things will be fine but never do it again..please.
  7. Tiitanium

    Tiitanium Gold Member

    okay as the girlies have said dont ever vomit ever it puts such a strain on your body but not only that you may develop a eating disorder where you think its ok to vomit each time you eat something you feel is wrong... so please rethink it and dont do it again

    enjoy the concert xx

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