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Worries about Restarting

I meant to restart CD about a week or 2 ago but i couldnt get round to it because i've been worried that i will regain the weight i lose, just like the last time i did CD.

That has been my main fear for restarting and i was wondering if anyone else has felt the same about restarting and what have you done about it?

I did want to swap CD for LL because i thought it would be a new start and i would succeed at LL, but i cant do LL due to health reasons.

But i have decided that i will do CD for the next 2/3 months (i will be at home for most of this time, so no worrying or anxiety about feeling unwell when i go out) and then i might join the new LL programme for those with a BMI of 29 or less. I want to join this programme so i can have a strict regime for reintroducing food after losing the weight as this is where i failed the last time i did CD.

But i am still worried about retarting CD. I have a goal in mind which is starting univeristy in January and wanting to be more involved in university life, such as joining socities, representing my course/university etc (which i know i will shy away from at this weight),so i really want to get this weight off.

I would apperciate your thoughts, opinions and experiences about this and i look forward to your answers.

Thank you xx :)

ps. sorry i havent posted in a while, i've been too confused about restarting so i have kept away from anything that reminds me of CD. I know thats stupid :eek:.
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Trying hard to understand where the fear is coming from. You have absolutely nothing to lose, but the pounds, by restarting CD as soon as possible.

CD also has a regime for going up the plans and re-introducing food, and carbs, gradually. You will always retain water if you switch on and off CD so best to commit to staying on CD until you reach your goal weight and your CDC will explain the maintenance steps to you.

Some people continue to lose on the higher calorie plans. You will only regain the weight if you switch back to your old eating habits.

best of luck,
Hi, thanks for your reply. I know i only have pounds to lose, but i am worried about regaining the weight i lose like i did last time on CD and then being on and off CD for the rest of my life. Although i must admit that the last time i did CD, i didnt work up the plans because things got in the way.

I am aware of the plans that i can work through to reintroduce food on CD but i am interested in the new LL programme because its more strict and you get CBT sessions with re-introducing food which i think would benefit me in the long term to keep the weight off.

I still need to go to the information session for the new LL programme to see what it involves exactley and if i like it, i will probably switch over to it when i am ready to re-introduce food on CD (BMI 25 + 1 stone).

But thank you for your reply. I'm sorry i cant be more clearer about my fear of restarting, I guess its more a fear of failing at restarting then anything else.



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i have noticed quite a few people start moving up the cd plans to learn how to maintain and then base their eating habits on a ww or sw kind of plan, so they know how much they can have, and then once the portion sizes and foods become a natural habit they don't have to be quite so conscious of it? maybe something like this could help you? you have to start moving up the plans when you are bmi 25 plus a stone, so you could move up the plans and then move to ww to lose the last couple of lbs and learn how to maintain with the help of going to a group every week?

abz xx
It sounds like the CBT would help you. You are at a difficult point in your diet. There is a danger of using CD as a sort of crutch and getting caught up in a cycle you can't escape. You need an exit plan. KD posted something on this recently, and I'm sure she'll be along soon with some advice for you.

Hang in there, you just need the right advice and to get your head in the right place to finish!
Hiya :)
I know what you mean hun. I was thinking about this too. I cant see myself being able to stick to the higher plans...not sure why...just cant :(
So......... I have decided to complete SS for 12 weeks and then switch to DietChef. In making this desicion I feel that I have something to look forward too.
I am aware that I will maybe gain a few pounds but can accept that. Main reason for my choosing this way is because DietChef will control my portion size, If I am left to my own devices then I know I will mess up! I had a word with my CDC last night and although she doesnt know anything about DietChef , she understands where Im coming from.
Also, I would say, try not to look too far ahead (as I was doing) just take each day at a time, do CD and see where it takes you. I think that over the 12 weeks you may just find it re-trains your mind in regards to food (thats what I am hoping)
Hope this waffling makes sense :D xxxx
Thank you for your replies, i really appreciate your advice and support :).

I do have a tendency to plan too far ahead but i am concerned that i will regain the weight i lose if i dont have a plan in mind.

The reason why i want to change to the new LL programme instead of the higher CD plans when i reach BMI 25+ 1 stone is because with LL you can have more support by attending the group meetings, having CBT and then doing the RTM, this would also help to keep me on track with keeping my weight off.

But if i dont like the new LL programme or i find i cant afford it i will do the higher CD plans and then i want to join Rosemary Conley (SP?) or SL/WW to help me to keep the weigt off and help me get into the habit of eating the right foods and portions.

Springador - The new LL programme is for peolpe with a BMI of 29 or under and you dont need medical forms etc signed. I am not sure what it involves exactley because i am still waiting for the information session but the new programme involves a mixture of food and LL food packs with CBT sessions to help learn about your eating patterns. I think its similar to the CD plans where you re-introduce more food and reduce the food packs, but wih LL you get CBT aswell.

I'm just afraid of restarting because i have tried so many times and failed. Although now i have a real goal in mind and i am not in denial about my weight.

Thank you agian for your suggestions, i will look into them and see what suits me best.

The first time on CD really is the golden time, i just wish i can do it again.

I hope you've all had a good day :) xx

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