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  1. methenie

    methenie methenie from london.

    cambridge diet
    :sigh: hi everyone

    im little bit worry today..

    about when im going to loose all stones..( 5)
    how im going to look...
    my skin will be floppy ?
    yes im sure...
    but what can i do yet to get my body not to floppy ?

    now its not really nice...but after?
    surgerie ?
    sport ...........> this is maby the best result ..

    do someone have an answer ?

    thanks to let me know

    nell. xxx

    ps : sorry my english is bad.
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  3. very_determind_this_time

    very_determind_this_time Full Member

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    slimming world
    i too worry about this!
    but surely this will be better than being unhappy and over weight

  4. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

    Don't diet anymore!
    Loose skin never killed anyone and is a battle scar from when you won the fight against obesity.

    Certainly don't let the worry of it stop you losing weight and there is a lot you can do in terms of toning, potions, lotions, surgery etc if you really need to but keep losing the pounds and don't worry about it.

  5. Kate

    Kate CDC/PT/PITA

    Mike is right - also, there is no guarantee that you will even have loose skin. I have lost over 6 stone and don't have loose skin and I know I'm not the only one!
  6. hippychick

    hippychick Full Member

    just keep toning all thetime whilst loosing
    sit ups , push ups arm lifts leg lifts and it will help
    also i sware by bio oil its fantastic for skin and my stretch marks are nearly gone and by did i have alot all over i was like a map of the world tee hee
    and if all else fail im having a tummy tuck
    but il cross that bridge once i get to it
    good luck and dont worry :jelous:
  7. kazbro

    kazbro jelly belly

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    when i told friends about doing the cd i had one say
    "but what about all ya skin afterwards, it`ll just hang and look gross"
    then she said
    " think i`d rather stay fat, at least you wont look old and wrinkled":eek:

    my answer was
    " i`d rather have loose skin and be healthier than carry fat and die young"

    that shut her up:ignore:

    i to worry as i have over 100lbs to lose but i will joijn the gym to tone up and if at the end of my journey i`m still wobbly skinned then i`ll see of i cna have at least a tunny tuck
    have to admit though just being thin will be great

  8. methenie

    methenie methenie from london.

    cambridge diet
    thanks mike, i need to focus on my diet and full stop.
  9. methenie

    methenie methenie from london.

    cambridge diet
    Kate i did loose 9 stones and now 5 again ( total : 14 stones ) this is not with out result ...

    i start sport now and i do lot off walk , hope everything will be fine !!!!!

    good luck for everyone this is the "war " insnt it ?
  10. yamyam

    yamyam Full Member

    Slimming World

    Another thing you could do is buy one of those hand roller massager things from the body shop and run it over the bits of your body you're worried about. It'll help break the fat cells down and increase your circulation. Like somebody else said though - you may not get saggy skin. Please dont let the worry of this detract from your ultimate goal, which i'm assuming is to get healthy and get fit.

    K xxx
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