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worst day of 1st week (moan sorry)


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I am having my worst day of my first week today:sigh: woke up feeling soo tired then had a stupid weak moment while making lunch and ate half a slice of wafer thin ham keep forgeting to drink my water also got my monthly visit from mother nature :( and then hubby got wine gums from the boys for fathers day and i bit one in half for the youngest and ate the other half well i sucked it for ages thinking i will spit it out but never did:eek: then after a walk to get some fresh air the ice cream man came i felt so poo :cry: but had a talk to myself and its not that i cant ever ever eat these thing again i just need to wait a few months so pulled myself together and had a sweet black coffiee yummy:) i have found a new love for black coffiee and sweetners lol sorry for the rant feel better now i am sooo glad i have found this forum who ever told me about making the choc shake up with hot peppermint tea is a star :jelous:x
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Exactly - food will always be there! :)
Pick yourself up and get back on and glug that water :) x


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yup, you need to keep telling yourself that you've chosen to do this and that its worth the end goal, good luck, you can do it x
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stay focused i know its not easy

was at coast with my dad and the kids and they was all tucking in to fish and chips and i was sucking on my water lol :(

makes you feel good tho when you resist


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Yeah made it through my dads birthday dinner mums full sunday roast with baked alaska for pud not even a lick of a spoon thanks all for support day 5 done one more full day till weigh day yeah x
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stick in there girl . Keep saying to yourself i am worth it !!!!!!!.


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stick with it, i had a slip my 1st week on day 5 too ;( ate cocktail sossages ;( but have not eaten a thing since and so glad! 2nd weigh today 7lb down, that 16lb in 2 weeks, will def be worth it after your 1st weigh will get easier :) ;)


Here we go again!
We all have tough days on this but it is your decision to do this and only you can do it. Sticking to it 100% is so worth it. Just get through that first week and it is so much easier. It becomes second nature not to eat, really.

Good luck and stick with it, you will be so glad that you did and just remember, the food that you want now will still be there when you have finished this!


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I agree with Bev...you will get your tough days, weeks, weekends...but the buck will always stop with ourselves! Eventually, you will not even think about eating, as it will be come second nature not to.

Our food holiday is only for a time; and eventually, we will all be able to eat again, albiet in moderation and the good choices. I think putting up with not eating for a few months is worth it in the end...just look at the ones on here who have got to their goal and look amazing!!

You can do it, just stay focussed and determined...and keep drinking your water :)

Take care


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You are all so great thank for the support feel lots better today think getting through yesterday really gave me a high that i can do this cant wait for my weigh in tomorrow i feel so much better today thanks all x


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Stick with it, it's worth it in the long run :)
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You won't believe how easy this diet becomes as long as you DONT pick at ANYTHING.....I promise you, that there will come a time when you wont even be remotely tempted. Best of luck hun. xx

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