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worst time of day ???

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Hello lovely folk. Does everyone have a worst time of day ??

Have felt just a teensy bit sorry for myself a couple of times a day around 4 in the afternoon and 10 in the evening :sigh:

Need to have harsh words with myself and break through it.

Not sure about the Smints issue being ok for Ketosis - I'm not giving them up for anyone !

Hope everyone is doing ok and the second-weekers are in the swing of it.

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Hi Kate, mines mid morning at work, find myself desperate for that lunch bar!! Day 9 and still all ok....stills no signs or symptoms of ketosis...must be allergic to it!! Have good week!


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My problem times are 11ish and 3ish which is when I used to pop out for a coffee and maybe something nice to go with it..


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Night is always worse for me because I get bored and then find myself wanting to eat stuff :( but I am making a hot drink with a shake at around 8 - 10 and it seems to help a lot
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Definitely night for me. Kids usually in bed, OH works nights and so I know I used to eat out of boredom. Trying to break this habit with exante. I save half a pack of vanilla shake and mix with hot water and coffee for my treat at night and this seems to be doing the trick so far.
Good luck :)
Worst time of day is definitely late evening. I have always had issues sleeping, and especially trying to sleep when i'm hungry or thirsty. Doing TS i seem to be very hungry and VERY thirsty just about all the time. so i have been sleeping very little in the last week, and waking up a lot in the night due to this heatwave. Come on, fall!!!!


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Yep i totally agree... Mines @ night or late evenin just want to binge. I find havin a hot drink or a can of coke zero takes it away.

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Oh, good thread

Lunch time is difficult as wherever I go I see colleagues eating. I think the only thing for it is to lock myself in a toilet cubicle for the lunch hour!!!
Also I work so hard at my job (as does everyone) that I really feel I deserve my lunch, so this is hard not having it.

Also the whole weekend is difficult- I'd eat and drink till merry with friends and loved ones and this was basically my social life till I started this ...

Its all for the greater good and I need to remember this.

spf 40

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S: 20st6lb C: 16st9lb G: 13st6lb BMI: 35.4 Loss: 3st11lb(18.53%)
Thanks dawndesperatetoloose!

Im such a big 'un that if I hadnt had a really big loss 1st week I would have been gutted, i've got to far to go, I need it to go quickly as possible!


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I find early evenings tough, I fancy something to eat but am trying to put off having last shake / bar until 7.30/8pm so that i don't get peckish before bedtime. Generally find having a mug of tea fends off the urge to eat.


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Evening for me - well it was last night anyway :( around 9pm!

Think I'm going to have to start having reaaaally early nights from now on!
Had bad time 3 pm yesterday and had another shake thats 4 yesterday..bad time again today had to chew and swallow something substantial so had a little extra protein..naughty naughty but I am not going to beat myself up about it..just going to try not to let it happen again..refuse to be downheartened only human and hungry..


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The worst time for me starts about 5pm - tired, I still confuse tired and hungry. Think - I feel tired, need comfort - must be hungry WRONG! Its worse Thursday and Friday - not so bad at the start of the week too.
This passes with yet more warm tea, the third magic packet then safely away from the kitchen. Rest of the day is OK.
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glad im not the only one who gets confused between tired and hungry!

evening worst for me as thats when i used to snack constantly... oh and also when im making kids tea.

on day 13 of 100% so no way i am going to blow it now!!!


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On day 1 today and not going too badly :). I know what to expect though as I lost 5 stone on Lipotrim back in 2005 plus another 2 stone afterwards with healthy eating. Managed to put it all back on in the interim though :eek:. Worst time for me is lunchtime when most of my colleagues are eating at their desk like I used to, so I had my first shake at 11am and took myself off to the shops at lunchtime and bought myself some jewellery as a treat. Had the second shake at 3pm and am now on the soup with lots of pepper to improve the taste. Forgot how frothy the soup went in a blender though!

I haven't entered my weight stats yet as I've mislaid the scales since we moved (shows you how much I focused on my weight - not!) so I'm waiting for a new set to come that I ordered on line. I reckon I'll start at about 18.5 stone though (that's where I started when I did it before) and would like to get to 11.5 (which is where I got to before too).

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