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wot ive been doing today

hi all,just thought I would share with you what I've done today
This morning we went shopping, nice and early- our nearest asda has way too many people in it after 9am. So we get there early and by the time we get to the checkout they are all coming in , so we avoid them -great.
Came home had some lunch- I had scrambled egg and beans - paul had 2 cheese topped rolls and tin of tomato soup- sat there in front of me -git !!
but I was brave !!didnt dribble once LOL
Actually it didnt bother me at all

Did a quick tidy up and then we had to go out into my ''craft den'' as I have been asked to make a decorated egg (faberge style)for someones ruby wedding in March. I dont want to do this. I know if I dont start now I will leave it till the middle of March and then PANIC !!!!
So there I am going through all
my draws looking for a stand ,a suitable egg, some hinges for the doors .....
Then paul has to find the air drill - which sounds like a dentist drill ,makes me cringe everytime I use it .
I have to spend 20 minutes trying to find the 'Egg Marker' ,then I sit there looking at it ....I havent done this for at least 2 years , I cant remember how to use the dam thing LOL
yes, but no pictures -which dont help !!
so after 30 mins Im like ...'oh yeh'' now I remember !!
so I mark the egg (getting into it now ), mark the doors (the guy wants 2 doors that open) I then clean the egg and get the cutter ......
MMM..I remember this smell !!it sounds and smells as if you are having a filling (I hate dentists)
So I have to measure 2 slots where Im gonna put the hinges and I have to cut 2 lines so that i can glue the hinges on and leave them over night .
In the morning I have to cut the rest of the doors open and pray that I can open the doors intact- then I have to start decorating the egg!!
So at the minute the egg is in the 'den' cos I need to get some vaseline - to put on the hinges to make them loose. But to top it off The gas run out ,so after about 20 mins or so I thought 'bugger this'Im going in !!
Well at least Ive made a start !!
I then had a salad ....and SYNNED!!!!!
I had a 1/3 of a small individual pork pie...cost me 8.5 SYNS :eek::eek:... but It was lovely with me spring onion and beetroot
so what with that and the 1 slice of bread for my dinner that aint too bad syns.
Hope you all have had an interesting day.
and like me looking forward to some shut eye !!
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Hey well done you, just think, all that time you spent on this you weren't thinking about food!!! (which I seem to be most days) and yes you had the pork pie but you counted it so that's great!!!!


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hey Slack, why don't you start a diary on here so you can keep all your updates in one place where it would be easier to find them all!

Looks like you had a really busy day!


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If you synned it you were a good girl. I've not had pork pie since I started SW, I daren't! LOL. I'm not strong enough to have 1/3 like you, so very well done!!

Sounds like fun making the eggs. One of my friend's dad made them years ago and some of his were stunning!! I wouldn't have the patience I don't think, and well done for getting started early and not leaving it till the last minute.

I was painting cherubs and fairies last night to stop me thinking about food LOL
I had a really big -massive plate of salad and was full to my top chin !!!!LOL
I am now starting to say to my belly
if YOU havent had it by 10 big boy YOU aint getting it !!
My belly sits there for about a minute moaning ,then it shuts up and goes to sleep !!. Its working and Im getting used to it- before I started SW I never ate anything after my tea but since started Sw it's like I HAVE to eat-why?? Im not hungry -does my belly think there is gonna be a shortage of food !!

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