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Would Appreciate Any Help Or Advise, Pleeeease!

Hi All,

I am hoping that one of you are able to help or advise me. I started CD on 13/09/09, I purchase the products from a supplier but do not have a CDC, as I live in Singapore and there aren't any here.

A couple of member were kind enough to tell me that with a BMI under 25 I should not be following SS. I am now in my second week of CD and have moved onto step 2 (810). However I am stumped :)confused:) as I do not have a CD handbook/manual to work from and therefore do not know what foods I should be consuming (as well as my 3 shakes).

Through reading other peoples threads I have picked up on a few things such as cottage cheese, yuk!!:9529: Chicken, salad leaves, fruit, veg and fat free yogurt. :eatdrink051:From the research that i have done online I understand that no carbs are to be consumed until step 3 (1000). Other than carbs I am stumped at what I should NOT be eating.

I would really appreciate any help or advise anyone is able to give to help me on my 810 journey.

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Hi again

I did find a booklet with details and typed it out for you but either there was a technical problem and I could not send to you or maybe there is a rule about re-producing information published by CD incase it was to fall into the wrong hands - which would obviously be irresponsible. Whatever happened, I wasn't able to proceed with the post.
Hopefully someone will be able to suggest what you can do to get hold of the information - maybe contact Cambridge Diet company directly to explain that you are a customer but without the usually provided pamphlets.


One day at a time!
Good for you for managing to do this without a CDC! Lets see if I can manage any better at giving you some idea from the book.

250 cottage cheese (5% fat)
325g less than 2% fat cottage cheese
175g chicken breast - no skin/fat
175g turkey - no skin/fat
275g white fish fillet eg cod, haddock
260g canned tuna in water (drained)
190g fresh tuna steak
275g quorn pieces/mince

Choose 3 tbsp of any of these veg

Green salad leaves
Celery, cucumber, red radishes, courgettes, marrow, spinach, kale, turnip tops or taro tops, chinese leafy greens eg pak choi, chinese cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage inc pickled, asparagus, fennel, celeriac, mushrooms.

You can cook using herbs, spices or a little stock. You may have fat free salad dressings, eg squeeze of lemon, or balsamic vinegar.

In addition you must have 3 CD products, 340ml skimmed milk and your water.

Hope this helps:)


One day at a time!
Forgot to say that this is all that the book says. Maybe some of the 810ers here will give you some tips on recipe ideas or I'm sure there must be an 810 section/thread if you do a search. Sorry for lack of info but I've only done SS or SS+ so far.
Minxie, I can't thank you enough for responding to my thread. I really appreciate you help!! Great weight loss results and I wish you the best of luck in your continued journey.
I am pleased to see that Minxie was able to get you the information. I think I got a bit nervous when the post didn't go through and thought I was doing something illicit!

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