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Would I be allowed to......

Have 2 CD and a healthy meal a day?I cannot stick to SS as it is making me very miserable and depressed and am too scared to speak to CDC as am worried that she will think i'm a failure.I'm kinda thinking having the meal replacements will be better than eating the crap I did before the diet,i'm just finding it so tough!

Please advise-thanks :)
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Why not go on the 810 plan, you should still lose upto 10 lbs per month....you have 3 meal replacement and a protein rich meal.


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Hey Shinymoon... hello there...!!

ok - i would urge you to call your cdc and have a chat with her, no one is going to be cross or think anything bad of you for finding this hard. Many CDCs have been on this diet and have also felt what you are feeling so give your cdc a call... tonight..:)

How long have you been on CD ?
Are you drinking your water???

Also id say read your books again, the one on SS and the cambridge diet plan. You could do SS+ which is 3 cd packs and a 200 cal meal off the list in the book. Its important to have your 3 packs a day as they contain one third of the dayly vits and stuff.

I feel like a bit of a hyporcrite (can not spell that ) as i have recently come off CD after loosing 4 stone in 8 weeks however what i have just advised is true to cd... The choice is yours honey you could even do 810 or 1000 if you wanted its all about you making the decision and seeing how you get on. Best to chat to CD as weight loss will be slower on the higher plans ... Good luck..Xxx


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I agree about the 810 plan, and speak with your CDC that is what she is there for. She should be able to guide you if you are struggling and I can't believe she would think you are a failure - and if she does, you need to get a new CDC!

Chin up and find a plan that works for you - this diet should make you feel wonderful, not miserable ;)
Thanks to you all for your support and advice!I think i'm going to speak to my CD tomorrow.I can go all day without eating,I like a decent meal in the evening to look forward to!So perhaps with the higher plans I can do that!Thanks again xx
Moonshine-Ive only been on SS+ for a week and lost 7 lbs,which is ok!but this diet isnt for the faint hearted!LOL
I'm drinking 3 litres of water a day and been having skimmed milk in my tea/coffee


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have a look at the web-site for the other steps than SS and SS+, and please speak to your CDC it's their job to look after you
810 seems a good idea to me


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S: 19st13lb C: 16st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35.2 Loss: 3st12lb(19.35%)
The first week is the hardest as it takes up to 3 days to be in ketosis... it does get easyer as you go on, up to up chick what you decide to do.

A few things that helped me are...

Tetras can go in freezer and they are quite nice at night ...

Put fresh herbs in the blender with ground pepper and blitz with your soup
makes it more interesting

if the plain porridge is horrid for you add a bit of the walnut and toffee shake to it its good!

add ice to your shakes and blitz in blender

hope this helps...!


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Hang on in there hun and speak to your CDC. She won't think you're a failure and will be there to help and support you.

Maybe start on one of the higher plans and then if you feel you can cope, move down to SS at a later date. CD doesn't mean you have to SS. xx


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Sounds like a higher step plan may be the way to go, but do ensure you give SS a good go (eg get into ketosis properly and see if you still feel like this). Your cdc will not think you're a failure, quite the opposite, and isn't it more of a failure in the end to try to 'go your own way' and do it without the support and knowlege of your cdc?

they're not the diet police hun - just talk to her, that's what she's for!

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