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would it be bad?


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I agree, there is no problem in saving points...I believe you can save a total of 4 points per day...but you have to have used them within the week... I saved about 10 points in my first week but didnt use them by weigh in so I lost them :eek: lol

Enjoy that chocolate... :D


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total agree with starlight and sophia jo if you save your point you can have anything to the value you have saved, its one of the best things about being on ww x


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Yes I agree, I frequently bank points to use for meals out and just fun foods. I am banking 4 a day this week ready for my birthday on Sun. As has been said this is the beauty of ww you can have it and still lose weight as long as you point it. Enjoy


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I don't think there's any problem with saving points for treats. It's how things balance out that matters so by restricting yourself sometimes you can let yourself have treats at others.

However I am quite intrigued by the 12 point choccy bar - is it a special one? I am drooling just at the thought of it! :D
I don't think that's a problem. I'd do it if I had the restraint to not eat all my points everyday.
As the others have said it's perfectly fine and 'allowed' to do that.

If it keeps you on track, go for it! I'm dying to know what choccy bar it is too :D
mmmm, I want a 12 point choc bar lol!! While we're on the subject of choc, a Fry's turkish delight is only 3.5 points, thats the same as a muller rice!!! sorry but i'd have to go 4 the choccy every time over rice pudding!!!

I know i shouldnt but if i have something big coming up i save 6-8 points a day so that i know i can have a night off without pointing anything!!

Well i was thinking either the Ritter sports bars or a greek and blacks or lindt bar which are 14 points each. See...I am a greedy girl and a small 6 point bar just leaves me wanting more! Now wonder I need to lose weight!


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Even tho the guidance says no more than 4 saved points a day, I remember a leader telling me as long as at the end of the week your points balanced then it didn't really matter how many you used on a daily basis..this was in response to someone working night shifts.

You're a girl after my own heart, I save for takeaways but I'm tempted to blow 16 on a big bag of Galaxy Counters..they're too good ha ha x

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