would it matter??


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I think it depends on where your head's at... if you're talking about breaking the plan, and you're the sort of person that can do that and get back on the horse, then I guess the only downsides might be that a) you might come out of ketosis, b) it makes it more of a risk that you'll do it again.. and then maybe again.. etc on future days... if you stick with your current plan, you can feel so very proud of yourself... chances are, you're thinking this because you're either feeling: tempted, hungry, angry, bored, lonely or tired.. they're my main reasons, and usually it's better to do something that actually addresses these feelings, rather than mask it with eating..

..I guess we're all different.. it may simply be a 'one off' thing, and then end of story - I guess that's for you to have a conversation with yourself about, cause ultimately, this is entirely about what YOU want for YOU, and noone else...

All the best, and keep us posted :)



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Assuming you mean mince? Yes, you can have quorn mince or chicken if you are doing (or would like to do) SS+.

It's up to you and weight losses are the same.

Pros for SS+, you get to eat chicken or quorn mince, though unfortunately not mice ;)

But, if you have chosen to do SS because you want to steer clear of food because you feel one thing might lead to another, then perhaps you can try to work through the cravings?


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Tyhink the mice would be fine - you would spend more calories catching them than you would get from eating ;)

In all seriousness though - what KD said


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lol hahaha oh my lol i made ths thread in a hurry lol didnt notice tht i had mice lol hahahah tht made me laugh soooooo much hahaha no i mean like im on 3 packs a day bt i have like a lil bit o chkn n tht makes me feel like im nt missin out on anythin.. because whn i was on lighter life i did a full 3 months of ss and afta tht i munched like neva b4 lol bt nw its like i knw if i have a lil bit o chkn thn im alright ... i dnt touch carbs at all!!! which is ok for me.. so do u still thnk its wrng lol if thts the wrd??? :D