Would it work for me?


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Hi, I was going weight watchers, did it for a couple of months then they closed the group!!..wasnt happy:cry:...aparantly not enough members :break_diet: so now i cant get to the meeting on as Tuesday as i work, so now im seriously considering joining slimming world on Mondays, only thing is im vegetarian, so is this diet any good for me?
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I would have to say yes definately, you would tend to stick to green days if you are vegetarian and there is pleanty foods you can eat and also you get your syns to allow you to still have the treats you need or add to the meals. Have a look at the sw website and I'm sure you will see pleanty recepies for green days to inspire you. All quorn, tofu and textured veg soya proteine is free on green days as is your veg, fruit, pasta, rice, potatoes so the plan will work fine for you.


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It would be ideal for you korena!! The green plan involves no meat or fish anyway, so would suit you perfectly!! You can have endless fruit, veg, pasta, rice, couscous, bulgar wheat (and other grains), lentils, pulses (incl baked beans in excess!), Quorn, tofu, soya products and eggs, and there's no counting or measuring these things, just eat to satisfy you. Then you have your healthy extras such as milk and cheese (HEXa) and your cereals, cereal bars, crispbreads, breads (wholemeal), tinned or dried fruit, nuts and seeds, nut and extra virgin oils (HEXb) You can have 2 HEXas and 2 HEXbs if you're doing green, and then you have your syns which is everything that isn't free or a Healthy Extra, like alcohol, choccie, crisps, cakes, and also cooking ingredients and fats! That's it in a nutshell. But of course if you join you'll get all the info in a pack and get it explained to you in detail so it's well worth it! Good luckX