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Would Lipotrim be suitable for me??


New Member
Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if Lipotrim would be suitable for me?

I'm 5"2 and weigh about 9 stone 10, but my BMi is only just under the "normal" category of 24.5. I believe I should ideally by about 8 stone 10 for my height.

I know it's only a stone, and I did weigh 13 and half stone at the age of 14, I am really pleased to have been able to loose what I have done over the years, but I still feel I've never really gotten down to the right weight and size for my height.

What does everyone think??

Thanks a lot

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Back on the wagon!
Dont think so Dawn.....LT is usually only given to those with a BMI in excess of 25.....


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You have to be three stone over weight I think, what about Slim Fast?:)..two shakes, snacks and a 600 kcal meal?


too hot to handle!!
i'm only 2 stone overweight and they gave it to me,,which my hubby was mad over as we had heard it was for over 3 stone or more,,depends on your bmi,,i dont even know what mine is,,but i doubt that they will let you do it,,


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Do you have to stick to slim fast products?
You have on a typical day

SF shake/smoothie/full size bar for breakfast

Mid-morning piece of fruit/or mini SF bar

SF shake/soup/smoothie fs bar for lunch

Mid-afternoon piece of fruit/or mini SF bar

600 kcal meal of your choice

Evening snack of low fat yogurt or mini SF bar


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That doesn't sound too bad, maybe I should give that a try and perhaps do some exercise :) thank you
You're welcome, Dawn!

Good Luck!:)


Says it as it is!!!
Hi hunni...don't worry.. you can't do the full total food replacement.... however; you can do the maintainence program which is 2 shakes and a low carb & calorie meal. Or you could try doing a low carb or low gi diet which would be cheaper....depends how much willpower you have xxx if you need anymore advice please do ask hunni xx
Thanks :) I might try and start off with cutting out snacks completely first, but once you get used to having a certain amount everyday I do find it hard to give up chocolate and biscuits, but I think once I'm passed the first few days, I know it will get easier :) I'm also not one for doing much exercise - but I start a new job soon which is about a mile away from my house, so am really going to try and make an effort to walk or cycle, especially with it being summer'ish.

Thanks again everyone :)

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