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Would really love some advice ;)


I have always had a problem with my weight, but managed to keep it sort of in check by running a few times a week. Now im getting older i have noticed that the running is not keeping my weight down and im gradually putting on more weight - even as we speak my shirt is getting tighter lol.

I was wondering if my idea would work - i was thinking about eating all the vegatable and lean meat that i want, with about 2 - 3 items of fruit a day, but cutting out bread, pasta, rice and spuds. So my daily meal plan would be something like:

Porridge with skimmed milk


Tuna Salad or Chicken


Meat with lots of veg

I would also still be doing my running but would probably up it to about 5 times a week.

What do you guys think?

Thank you very much in advance for taking time to read this and for your responses.

Andy <3
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you would most likely see weight loss, but wouldn't see all the benefits that eating low carb can bring (ie. ketosis, reduced appetite, preserving muscle whilst burning fat) due to the inclusion of porridge, milk and fruit.

If you do want to eat low carb, i'd be more inclined to suggest you cut all processed food, including grains (bread, porridge, cereal, rice ect.) + sugar (including the lactose in milk -full fat cream or almond milk can be used as alternatives. + avoid the fructose in fruit) Try to keep your daily intake of carbohydrate to 20-50g.

with those foods absent in the diet, you can include more fat in your diet, as fat will be the primary fuel source for your body (+ you will be using your own fat stores as a fuel source)

this plan may interest you LCHF for beginners | Dietdoctor.com
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monocle is right. However, there are potential temporary side-effects of ketosis (don't I know it), and the very low carb diet is quite limiting. If you only have a few pounds to lose you might see good enough results with what you have planned.

It does worry me that you say "lean" meat, though. There's no need to avoid fat. Your body needs something to run on. As monocle says, you swap carbs for fat as a fuel. Otherwise you'll be hungry all the time. You can lose weight like that, of course, but the likelihood is it'll pile back on when you stop "dieting". Animal fat will not harm your health, there's a ton of research out there on it.

I also agree about cutting out processed foods. Huge source of not only carbs but unhealthy trans fats (now those ARE bad for you!).

Bottom line, I'd say (and I'm just some woman on the internet, not an expert!) try your plan for 4 weeks. If it works, keep doing it. If it doesn't, cut out the fruit for 4 weeks, see if that works. But please do ensure you get enough fat. Hope that helps!
I am a long time lurker on here but read your thread and decided to join!

I am also doing this type of variation on the low carb diet.

I am curently on day 2 of it! So early days!
I just wanted to do a diet low on the heavy carbs (potato, pasta, rice bread etc) but still eat fruit and salad and veg!

Will see how it goes, not doing so bad so far and if it doesnt work then I am prepared to follow a low carb diet properly or go back to weight watchers.

Good luck :)


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You will definitely lose if you cut out carbs you have eaten a lot of previously. The downside of keeping the porrige and fruit is you may get cravings from the insulin swings - benefits of cutting more out is not feeling hungry! Good luck
You see i am following a similar plan... One of my problems is i've never just eaten because i'm hungry.... i eat because i want to hence the weigh problem.... But saying that if i can snack on fruit and veg i'm a happy girl so think i've finally found something that works for me.... Fruit/veg/lean meat and cut the processed foods right back!!!

Good luck!! x

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